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2016/17 Suppliers & Services

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The complete company reference for the marina industry


Floating buildings/structures floats, pontoon/dock Bellingham Marine USA Tel: +1 360 676 2800 Fax:+1 360 734 2417 Bellingham Marine is a marina design/build construction company. A leader in innovative floating dock, floating breakwater and dry storage design, manufacture and construction, Bellingham Marine’s marina systems are engineered specifically for each site. DualDocker GmbH Austria Tel: +43 7744 6667 Fax:+43 7744 6667 129 Innovative mooring solutions for floating structures, houseboats, pontoons and yachts. Secure and convenient in all conditions. High damping capacity, zero impact on underwater world. Dutch Blue Marine The Netherlands Tel: +31 6 142 90289 Provides stationary, mobile and floating products in the boat handling, storage equipment and service products industries. It offers a complete range from standard lifting products to tailor-made solutions up to 1,000 tons. HDB Marine USA Tel: +1 208 689 3248 HDB Marine is a full service marine manufacturer specialising in sitespecific dock and wave attenuator solutions. It has been in business for over 30 years and offers a wide variety of docks. Ingemar Srl Italy Tel: +39 0422 702412 Fax:+39 0422 820673 Ingemar has over 35 years of experience in marine engineering and in the development of concrete floating structures. Modular all-concrete pontoons; discontinuous floating pontoons; discontinuous floating pontoons with galvanised steel or aluminium frames; hardwood decking and fibre reinforced concrete or rotomoulded polyethylene floats. Breakwaters up to 20 x 6 x 2.40m and prefabricated structures for fixed piers. International Marine Floatation Systems, Inc Canada Tel: +1 604 930 9903 Fax:+1 604 930 9955 IMFS has been designing/engineering and manufacturing concrete floating foundations since 1986. Its innovative designs and solutions make up marinas, breakwaters, floating homes, yacht enclosures and large floating foundations. IMFS works with clients worldwide through its licensing programme. Italia Marine Italy Tel: +39 0584 389457 Fax:+39 0584 385520 Floating dock system for boat lifting; mooring post and service pontoons; and marina accessories. Larantide Sarl France Tel: +33 9 7128 8012 An engineering team with over 35 years’ experience in technological and industrial sectors, Larantide designs and constructs floating buildings. The buildings form self-sufficient living bases on water and benefit from innovative solutions in terms of construction, amenities etc. MariCorp US USA Tel: +1 417 8588814 MariCorp US is a marina industry leader providing manufacture and installation of complete marina systems. Its products include floating docks, boat lifts and more. Meeco Sullivan, The Marina Company USA Tel: +1 800 627 4621 Meeco Sullivan brings over 107 years of freshwater and saltwater experience to marina and floating dock projects. 40 Polyway France Tel: +33 2 4023 1433 Fax:+33 2 4023 0808 Global composites specialist offering products such as the Comby modular floating solution. Wahoo Docks USA Tel: +1 770 532 8411 Wahoo Docks is a leading manufacturer of gangways, commercial marinas, breakwaters and premium residential boat docks. It specialises in aluminium manufacturing using its patented and proprietary marina solutions. Each project is custom tailored by a world-class team of engineers. Floats, pontoon/dock A-Laiturit Oy Finland Tel: +358 405 565501 A-Laiturit Oy provides everything needed to equip a marina and pontoons – from concrete anchors to lifebuoys. Appropriate quality equipment increases the safety of the pontoons and makes the marina more attractive. American Muscle Docks & Fabrication USA Tel: +1 800 223 3444 Fax:+1 304 737 2511 Manufacturer of metal boat dock hardware and accessories. Steel truss, wood dock, stationary dock, flotation, ramps, pile guides and more. The company custom fabricates to specific marina needs. Formerly Follansbee Dock Systems. Den Hartog Industries, Inc USA Tel: +1 712 752 8432 Fax:+1 712 752 8222 Den Hartog Industries has been manufacturing Ace Roto-Mold float drums and Ace dock accessories, buoys and dock cushions for over 20 years. Ace Roto-Mold sets the standard by using the highest quality materials and engineering. Formex Manufacturing, Inc USA Tel: +1 770 962 9816 Fax:+1 770 962 3125 Encapsulated dock floats and work floats. JFC Marine Ireland Tel: +353 93 24066 Fax:+353 93 24923 JFC Marine offers an extensive range of navigation buoys, navigation solar lanterns (beacons), moorings and top marks to suit all marine applications. Kropf Industrial Inc Canada Tel: +1 705 378 2453 Fax:+1 705 378 5068 Supplier of Conolift hydraulic boat handling equipment including trailers and lifts, as well as steel floating docks and breakwaters, galvanised boat storage stands and custom equipment. Magic-Float Russia Tel: +7 9164 463707 Magic-Float is a modular pontoon system which can be used to create a variety of on-water constructions. The Magic-Float team has great experience in production and installation of pontoons on any water surface. Marina Harbour Systems Ltd Canada Tel: +1 416 849 1775 Designs, supplies and installs floating docks, floating walkways and driveways, pedestrian bridges, gangways and ramps, wave attenuators and breakwalls, pre-fabricated aluminium support structures and advanced long life LEDs. Metalu Marinas France Tel: +33 2 4039 1840 Fax:+33 2 4027 0247 Designs, manufactures and installs a wide range of aluminium pontoons, gangways and accessories. Metalu has 40 years of experience and worldwide references. - Suppliers & Services 2016/2017

floats, pontoon/dock fuel systems NautiBuoy Marine Ltd UK Tel: +44 1803 863233 Designer and manufacturer of award winning, multi-functional quick inflating floating platforms, with a patented Air Toggle connection system and ballast dump. The versatile modular platforms can be used for jet-ski docks, pontoons, leisure and maintenance. PierBrasil Brazil Tel: +55 1134562565 Fax:+55 1147030155 PierBrasil produces concrete/EPS floats made of high resistance concrete. Four different systems are manufactured and installed, from the small 2.4m x 1.3m to the heavy 12m breakwaters. Installation is according to customer/project needs and location conditions. Polyform AS Norway Tel: +47 70 17 25 50 Fax:+47 70 14 76 36 Polyform is the Norwegian manufacturer of high quality marina products such as fender lists, fender systems, pontoons, dock floats and buoys. Ports Equipements France Tel: +33 9 7121 6565 Fax:+33 4 7933 6950 Manufacturer of modular floating pontoons for 15 years. Its concept of polyethylene modules and aluminium tubes gives each pontoon quality and great stability. Custom installations for leisure basins, water sports facilities and private projects. Premier Materials Technology, Inc USA Tel: +1 763 785 1411 Fax:+1 763 785 1509 An industry leader providing marine solutions. Supplier of Premier dock floats, solar LED marine navigation lighting and a new water treatment system. Works with customer to evaluate needs and provide soutions for marine projects using highest quality, environmentally friendly products. Rotax Marine France Tel: +33 4 7476 6978 Fax:+33 4 7476 2114 Development and manufacture of plastic nautical products and accessories. Specialist for unsinkable floats and buoys. Sikoo Marine Solutions France Tel: +33 6 0882 3830 Fax:+33 4 5052 2839 Sikoo offers industry leading marina and part building product lines. Superior Group Australia Tel: +61 7 5594 8200 Fax:+61 7 5594 8222 Superior Jetties manufactures, supplies and installs turnkey solutions for all marine berthing applications. Projects are delivered globally through its international dealer network. The Superior Group also provides industrial flotation in pump pontoons, dredging floats and rotomoulded products. Fuel systems Petroleum Marine Consultants, LLC USA Tel: +1 561 248 0389 Fax:+1 561 795 2294 Petroleum Marine Consultants, LLC is a premier designer/builder of site-specific marina fuel systems. The company can provide state of the art turnkey construction irrespective of whether the system requires tanks, dispensers, piping or high-speed fuelling. Taylor Fuel Control UK Tel: +44 1992 451 101 Fax:+44 1992 444 954 British manufacturer offering an international service for static fuel tanks - hire or sale; fuel pontoons - mixed or multi-site; refuelling systems; full turnkey solutions; bespoke design service; general steel fabrication; new web store - for spare parts. WE DON’T WANT TO BEAT OUR OWN DRUM BUT IF WE DID...OUR FLOAT DRUM COULD TAKE IT. 100% Virgin Grade Materials Even Foam Fill 15 Year Warranty Consistent Wall Thickness Exceptional Buoyancy Standards Call Today! 800-342-3408 / For over 20 years, Den Hartog Industries has elevated the quality of foam-filled float drums to a higher standard. Look for our Ace Roto-Mold Float Drum logo and visit our website at for available product sizes, specifications and technical information. - Suppliers & Services 2016/2017 41

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