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2016/17 Suppliers & Services

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pontoons/dock &

pontoons/dock & breakwaters - fixed pump-out & water treatment Ravens Marine, Inc USA Tel: +1 407 935 9799 Fax:+1 407 935 9436 Design, manufacture and installation of complete marina systems. Family operated business focusing on quality products. Aluminium SAFE floating docks, gangways, ladders and handrails, retaining walls, boat lifts, fixed/floating piers and ADA compliant products. In-house MARINA engineering. Ronautica Marinas Spain Tel: +34 607235 Design, manufacture and installation of marinas. Full range of products. Floating and fixed pontoons and accessories. Aluminium and concrete. Turnkey projects worldwide. Transpac Marinas, Inc USA Tel: +1 360 293 8888 Fax:+1 360 293 8880 Design, engineering and manufacturing of proprietary, high-performance flotation systems since 1983. Specialising in timber, concrete, steel and HDPE structures for marinas and floating wave attenuators in extreme environments. Pump-out & water treatment Best Marine Solutions USA Tel: +1 855 355 3625 Best Marine Solutions offers sales and service of quality marina equipment and software tools including SaniSailor pump-out systems, AquaClean boat wash recycling systems, PumpWatcher pump and electric meter remote monitoring and fire-fighting systems. 56 BEST M ARINE SOLU TIONS CLEAN | GREEN | SAFE | SMART Fire+Life Safety SkinSafetyCenter MarinaFirstAidKit SafeDock BEST M ARINE FastAttack SOLU PORTABLE MARINA FIREFIGHTING TIONS SYSTEMS CLEAN | GREEN | SAFE | SMART PORTABLE MARINA FIREFIGHTING SYSTEMS BEST M ARINE SOLU TIONS CLEAN | GREEN | SAFE | SMART EMP Industries USA Tel: +1 727 821 7867 Fax:+1 727 821 7869 Manufacturer and distributor of SaniSailor pump-outs and AquaClean recycling boatwash systems. Products feature industrial grade equipment for superior dependability and low maintenance. EMP works with customers to develop project specific solutions through the company’s Best Marine Solutions division. Ecotank France Tel: +33 6 5867 6646 Ecotank is a manufacturer of fixed and mobile equipment for the ecologically sound management of effluents (waste water, oily water etc.). Clients include marinas, shipyards and sailing professionals around the world. Edson International USA Tel: +1 508 995 9711 Fax:+1 508 995 5021 Established in 1859, Edson is a manufacturer of pump-out systems and washdown containment pumps. Pump models include peristaltic, single diaphragm, electric double diaphragm and vacuum pumps. Edson offers CLEAN+GREEN a wide range of accessories including hoses, fittings, nozzles, stands, enclosures etc. MARINA Keco, Inc USA Tel: +1 619 298 3800 Fax:+1 619 298 3300 A preferred manufacturer and distributor of marine pump-out equipment. Offering fixed, portable and centralised pump-out, Keco can provide solutions to marinas of any size and to any budget. Family operated with over 50 years of experience. CVA assistance available in the USA. LeeStrom GmbH Germany Tel: +44 776899 2105 A world leader in marina sanitation systems. Supplies, designs and manufactures pump-out systems, pumping equipment and fire-fighting solutions. The company uses the highest quality materials, which are designed to handle sanitation waste material and the harsh marina environment. TidyDock SaniSailor AquaClean LEADER in TRASH CONTAINMENT MARINE PUMPOUT SOLUTIONS AquaMedic WATER QUALITY SYSTEMS BOATWASH RECYCLING SYSTEMS SolarDock SOLAR MARINA LIGHTING SOLUTIONS peristaltic reliability... OilSpill RESPONSE SYSTEMS The # 1 selling SaniSailor HYDROCARBON TREATMENT INNOVATOR in and Fast Attack systems also represent our core mission; BEST marina firefighting... Leadership in the market, Partnership with M ARINE our clients and Innovation in solutions! SOLU TIONS Find your solutions at: Toll Free 855.355.3625 CLEAN | GREEN | SAFE | SMART International 01.727.821.7867 - Suppliers & Services 2016/2017

pump-out & water treatment pwc docks & lifts M-Tech (Marine Technologies) Australia Tel: +61 7 5580 3041 Fax:+61 7 5580 0645 M-Tech is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of marina, harbour, waterfront and offshore utility service equipment. Design and planning of utility systems; project management of service installation; turnkey design and build; pedestal and distribution units; SOS and pump-out; energy saving lighting. Marina Dock Parts, LLC USA Tel: +1 360 739 1056 Fax:+1 360 232 4199 Marina management software, fuel management, gate and door management, credit card processing, point of sale equipment, WiFi systems, decking, floats, cleats, electrical, dock boxes, carts, gangways, pile guides, pump-out boats, pump-out equipment, fire equipment and more. MarineSync Corp USA Tel: +1 619 269 7000 Fax:+1 619 298 7828 MarineSync offers innovative monitoring systems for equipment and remote assets. Products include MS1 for the remote monitoring of pumpout systems, MS2 which provides real-time web-based boat monitoring from anywhere in the world and RUM to remote monitor dockside utility pedestals. Polyway France Tel: +33 2 4023 1433 Fax:+33 2 4023 0808 Global composites specialist offering products such as the Comby modular floating solution. Premier Materials Technology, Inc USA Tel: +1 763 785 1411 Fax:+1 763 785 1509 An industry leader providing marine solutions. Supplier of Premier dock floats, solar LED marine navigation lighting and a new water treatment system. Works with customer to evaluate needs and provide soutions for marine projects using highest quality, environmentally friendly products. Rolec Global Marina Services UK Tel: +441205 724754 Fax:+441205 724876 For over 25 years, Rolec has been a world leading specialist in the design, supply and installation of electricity and water services at marina, harbour and waterfront locations. Over 30 representatives and service centres around the world. Provides world class services and solutions through its local networks. Seijsener Marina Services The Netherlands Tel: +31 75 6810 610 Fax:+31 75 6823 276 Manufacture/supply only and turnkey installer of durable service pedestals. Harbour In in-deck service solutions. Leading European supplier of pump-out systems. Renewable energy, metering systems, emergency equipment, lighting, SEP-card cashless payment and access control. Consultants. Sureline Electrical Modules Ltd UK Tel: +44 2380 618833 Fax:+44 2380 614313 Sureline specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of marina, caravan park and waterways services. The company prides itself on the quality of all its products incuding electricity, water and metering services. WMW Vacuum Pumpout Systems Canada Tel: +1 705 538 1459 Fax:+1 705 538 1776 WMW has been manufacturing vacuum pump-out systems for the marine industry for over 30 years. All system sizes are offered. PWC docks & lifts Candock, Inc Canada Tel: +1 819 847 2599 Fax:+1 819 847 3250 Modular floating systems for all applications and modular floating boat lifts. Robust high-end marina services • Turnkey installations • Pump-out installations • Prepaid payment systems • Remote and smart metering • Project engineering - Suppliers & Services 2016/2017 57

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