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2016/17 Suppliers & Services

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The complete company reference for the marina industry

anchoring & mooring

anchoring & mooring systems Boat movers/handlers/cleaners Wahoo Docks USA Tel: +1 770 532 8411 Wahoo Docks is a leading manufacturer of gangways, commercial marinas, breakwaters and premium residential boat docks. It specialises in aluminium manufacturing using its patented and proprietary marina solutions. Each project is custom tailored by a world-class team of engineers. Boat movers/handlers/cleaners Airtug USA Tel: +1 216 941 9781 Fax:+1 440 937 87 Airtug has been manufacturing quality tugs since 1974 and continues to provide customers with the finest quality products. Trailer tugs are ideal for use around the marina yard. Various sizes, electric and gas (petrol) models available. Almarin Spain Tel: +34 933 601 101 Fax:+34 933 601 102 Design, supply and installation of marine aids to navigation. Buoys and beacons for use in AtoN, which meet IALA recommendations. Also distributes boatyard equipment. Almarin is part of Grupo Lindley, which has 85 years of experience in port, maritime and industrial sectors. Alto Service Italia Srl Italy Tel: +39 0584 969685 Fax:+39 0584 969457 Manufacturer of self-propelled boat trailers from 10 to 1,000 ton capacity; towable trailers from 10 to 40 tons; hauling and launching trailers; power boat and sail boat stands and cradles. Ascom SpA Italy Tel: +39 059 558 038 Fax:+39 059 740 9103 Boat hoists from 25 to 1,000 tons, standard and amphibious versions. Boat trailers from 15 to 1,000 tons, self-propelled, towed, amphibious, ratified for travel over public road, plus customised versions. Best Marine Solutions USA Tel: +1 855 355 3625 Best Marine Solutions offers sales and service of quality marina equipment and software tools including SaniSailor pump-out systems, AquaClean boat wash recycling systems, PumpWatcher pump and electric meter remote monitoring and fire-fighting systems. Boat Lift Srl Italy Tel: +39 0173 500 357 Fax:+39 0173 500 642 Provides self-propelled hoist systems for launching and hauling, and trailers (towed and motorised) for the handling of vessels. An amphibious version is available. Cimolai Technology SpA Italy Tel: +39 049 9404539 Fax:+39 049 5973960 Cimolai supplies mobile haulers from 20 tonnes up to 1,500 tonnes; ship lifting platforms and transfer systems to launch, dry-dock and handle vessels; motorised trolleys on rails or tyres and special mobile cranes. Dry Harbour Concept Ltd UK Tel: +44 7958 241116 Unique cradles for all size boats. Yard trailers 2.5 ton to 25 ton. Racking for boats up to 5 ton. Negative lift forklifts. Suppliers of all machinery to lift, park or move boats. Dutch Blue Marine The Netherlands Tel: +31 6 142 90289 Provides stationary, mobile and floating products in the boat handling, storage equipment and service products industries. It offers a complete range from standard lifting products to tailor-made solutions up to 1,000 tons. Eden Technology Italy Tel: +39 0497968830 Fax:+39 0497968829 Eden Technology supplies mobile marine hoists tailor-made from 20 ton up to 1,000 ton capacity. Amphibious, variable track (Trollift), dieselhydraulic and diesel-electric versions are available. Slipway Trailers Improve your boathandling Roodberg P: +31 (0) 513 52 13 13 E: 8 - Suppliers & Services 2016/2017

The most important marina construction decision lays beneath the surface SEAFLEX CAN HANDLE PRACTICALLY ANY TIDE, ANY WAVE, ANY DEPTH, ANY BOTTOM TYPE & HURRICANE STRENGTH FORCES. Make a mooring decision worthy of your entire marina investment You spend a lot of time researching options for your marina build or upgrade. Since the anchoring is what is going to hold your marina investment in place it is arguably the most crucial components you will decide on. Seaflex is an elastic mooring solution that expands and retracts with each tide and wave, taking on and dampening the forces year after year. It does this while being invisible from the surface, creating some of the most modern, sleek, state of the art marinas of the world. With 45 years of research and development Seaflex is the most technologically advanced mooring option in the world, anchoring thousands of marinas, wave attenuators and buoys worldwide. Research your options, give your marina the mooring solution it deserves! SINCE 1970 | INTERNATIONAL +46 90 160650 | US & CANADA +1 (310) 548 9100 | MW@SEAFLEX.NET

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