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2016 July August Marina World

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July August 2016 Marina World

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WATERFRONT DEVELOPMENTS Fabiana Maccarini Mina Rashid – extending the city into the sea DP World, the container handling enterprise that has a huge ownership portfolio of port terminals around the world, is in the process of developing Dubai’s Port Rashid from a commercial port into a sea-oriented lifestyle destination. The new waterfront development plan builds on Port Rashid’s established success as a cruise ship hub and incorporates a 400-berth marina for luxury yachts. The proposed master plan includes leisure facilities, cultural venues, hotels, villas etc., with a view to making Port Rashid an exciting and dynamic waterfront attraction. Its specific focus on the superyacht sector is a new benchmark for Dubai and potentially for the entire Middle East. The value of history Dubai-based consulting firm, FABMAR Middle East, first proposed the marina element. “When DP World asked FABMAR’s opinion a few years ago on the construction of a recreational navigation infrastructure inside a commercial port, I was very positive,” says FABMAR CEO Fabiana Maccarini. “At the time I was working on a similar project in Civitavecchia, Rome, where the historic port has been transformed into a superyacht facility in a breathtaking setting that has witnessed 20 centuries of history.” “I believed that the port of Dubai could undergo the same process as in Rome and other commercial ports in the world,” she adds. Like Civitavecchia, Port Rashid has a great historic claim, albeit less ancient. Its natural harbour lured around 800 members of the Bani Yas tribe to create a settlement in 1833 that was to grow in size to become modern Dubai. “When we started to study the redevelopment of the reclaimed area in Mina Rashid that was to be converted into a new tourist destination for Dubai citizens, boaters and cruisers, we realised that the location – along the creek where old Dubai was born – offered a unique opportunity. It could revert to being the original core and heart of Dubai while still retaining its contemporary status,” Maccarini notes. With this uppermost in mind, the consultants broadened their brief. “We were responsible not only for developing a marina project, a tourist village, commercial and retail facilities - and more - but also had to design a new area of the city that was connected to Dubai’s roots in terms of location and traditional activities (fishing, trading and sailing). These considerations led us to think about Mina Rashid Marina (MRM) on a different scale – not only as an efficient and top-performing marina but as an extension of the city towards the sea with a wide range of activities for visitors.” After the basic design of MRM was completed, FABMAR undertook a feasibility study that incorporated a detailed marina market study, general guidelines for infrastructure and user requirements, and upland support services and operational facilities. The study revealed growing demand in the market for space and facilities for luxury yachts. Space for superyachts – especially for vessels of 100m (328ft) and above – was particularly challenging to find. The report concluded that the superyachts category represents the largest demand across the Arab Gulf region, Africa, Europe and Asia. The Port Rashid yachting hub was therefore planned to accommodate the needs of different clients: superyacht owners and guests; captains, crews and their families; the general public, passengers, tourists and visitors. - July/August 2016 33

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