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2017/18 Suppliers & Services

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product review 2016

product review 2016 Marinetek welcomed new Dutch and German distributors Marinetek further strengthened its presence on the Dutch and German markets with the appointment of two new distributors, JLD International BV (De Goorn, Netherlands) and Ostseedienst GmbH (Kappeln, Germany). Both companies have extensive experience in marine construction and are well established in their specific regions. JLD International is known for its folding anchors, sheet piling and retention walls and has skilled knowledge in how best to make transitions from land to water. Ostseedienst is a second generation marine construction company that has its own fleet of working barges, tugs and heavy duty marine construction machinery. Water Witch partnered with Spill Pro Water Witch, the Liverpool-based builder of clean-up workboats announced a partnership with Australian company SpillPro. The cooperation was the result of the UK company’s global search to find an Australian trade partner. SpillPro can now offer Australian customers a comprehensive pollution clean-up and control service by combining its own oil spill response products and expertise with the diverse cleanup duties offered by Water Witch vessels, which are available in 5-9m (16-29ft) lengths. 8 Bellingham Marine’s portable floating dock system – installed at the 2016 Miami International Boat Show – is 100% EPA compliant, completely encapsulated, designed for a high live load capacity and rated for commercial use. space while enabling easy, safe and stable boarding and launching of canoes, kayaks and stand up paddle boats. • Golden Boat Lifts also turned its attention to the risks of getting in and out of a kayak - especially when done from a dock or seawall. Its new Kayak Launch offers an effective solution. Installation is simple. The lift can be mounted on a wide variety of seawall, dock and deck materials, and takes up little space. To use, paddlers simply use the winch to lower the kayak into the water, descend the ladder and lower themselves into the boat. A grab rail on the water side is used to steady oneself and to push off the lift. Upon return, the kayaker simply guides the craft onto the bunks, climbs out and winches the boat up out of the water. The Quantum pedestal and BerthMaster Online – a management system that allows boat owners to manage and pay for their utilities by mobile phone – were key innovations introduced by Rolec Services in 2016. Managing fuel and securing assets • Within days of launching a redesign of its websites and www., Scribble Software launched marinaGO POS v2, its newest mobile point-ofsale app with integrated fuel management. Built for the iOS and Android platforms, the marinaGO point-of-sale is claimed to be the first native mobile app in the industry to offer real-time integrated fuel management and is available for the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android devices. Described as the ‘mobile dockhand’, marinaGO POS frees marina operators from traditional countertop point-of-sale stations and fuel consoles by offering completely wireless integrated fuel - Suppliers & Services 2017/2018

The most important marina construction decision lays beneath the surface SEAFLEX CAN HANDLE PRACTICALLY ANY TIDE, ANY WAVE, ANY DEPTH, ANY BOTTOM TYPE & HURRICANE STRENGTH FORCES. Make a mooring decision worthy of your entire marina investment You spend a lot of time researching options for your marina build or upgrade. Since the anchoring is what is going to hold your marina investment in place it is arguably the most crucial components you will decide on. Seaflex is an elastic mooring solution that expands and retracts with each tide and wave, taking on and dampening the forces year after year. It does this while being invisible from the surface, creating some of the most modern, sleek, state of the art marinas of the world. With 45 years of research and development Seaflex is the most technologically advanced mooring option in the world, anchoring thousands of marinas, wave attenuators and buoys worldwide. Research your options, give your marina the mooring solution it deserves! SINCE 1970 | INTERNATIONAL +46 90 160650 | US & CANADA +1 (310) 548 9100 | MW@SEAFLEX.NET

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