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2017 January February Marina World

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? Titan Deck is

? Titan Deck is engineered to be the last decking you’ll ever use. Made of UV-protected 100% polypropylene, it won’t rot, warp, dent, splinter or bend and will never need painting or staining – perfect for commercial docks and piers of any size! All Titan Decking is backed by a 12 year limited warranty. Titan Classic Titan X-Series Titan Open-X Series | 877-207-4136 Do you need just a bit of advice? Perhaps you do not want to commit to a full consultancy project. Oscar Siches can help you. For specific advice on your project go to

Removing sediment in tight spaces A highly manoeuvrable and easily transportable sediment removal system has been developed by Kansas-based Geoform International to access areas impossible to reach with excavators or hydraulic dredgers. Named Dino Six, the machine measures 21ft (6.4m) long x 71in (180cm) wide x 64in (162cm) high and weighs just 3,800lbs (1,724kg). It can be lifted in and out of the water easily and loaded onto a trailer, does not disturb the shoreline and leaves no footprint that needs to be repaired. The system is simple and easy to operate. Sediment is excavated to a maximum working depth of 13ft (4m) and moved to the inlet of the machine’s hydraulic submersible pump by a MyTaskit partners with Suntex Dallas-based Suntex Marinas has selected MyTaskit, the task sharing and business management software solution, as its vendor of choice for boat management and marina service coordination. Suntex believes that MyTaskit’s open API will ensure seamless integration to its existing systems and will allow a smooth roll-out to its nationwide network of marinas. Suntex CFO, Tom Tipton, said he expects that the technology’s robust platform will improve direct drive horizontal cutter head. It is then carried away at a rate of over 1,000 galls/ min (4,546 litres/min). The customer can choose either the open faced trash impeller, which comes as standard, or opt for an enclosed impeller for improved discharge pressure. Although Dino Six is lightweight, it is made of materials and components that are tougher and longer lasting than those of many much larger machines. The floats are constructed of high grade stainless steel. All other parts are finished operations and customer service across the board. “MyTaskit brings clarity and improved productivity to every aspect of our business,” Tipton explained. “There is a multitude of activity happening day in and day out at any given marina, from repairs and maintenance to PRODUCTS & SERVICES with a highly durable powder coating to prevent rust and corrosion. Power is by means general operations. MyTaskit not only helps us run a better business, but also elevates the level of service we are able to offer to our customers.” The Suntex relationship signals even more growth for MyTaskit, which was launched in 2015. MyTaskit founder and CEO Kevin Hutchinson said that he was excited about the new partnership, and that it further confirms the industry’s demand for a technological shift. “We’re always proud to be affiliated with leaders in the marketplace, and of a Cummins B3 diesel engine (65hp at 2,500 rev/ min) and Murphy safety shut down is installed for the engine and hydraulic systems. Contact Geoform International in KS, USA at Suntex is one of the best in the industry. We are excited about the efficiencies MyTaskit is going to bring to their business and service offerings,” he said. “Marinas like Suntex are recognising that there is a better way to operate. Paperwork and traditional business management tools are fast becoming cumbersome and inefficient, and we couldn’t be happier that MyTaskit is able to fulfil that need with a comprehensive and easy-touse software platform.” Contact MyTaskit (formerly Dockmaster) in FL, USA at We build your breakwater wherever you need it Save up to 30% - January/February 2017 55

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