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2017 January February Marina World

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The most important marina construction decision lays beneath the surface SEAFLEX CAN HANDLE PRACTICALLY ANY TIDE, ANY WAVE, ANY DEPTH, ANY BOTTOM TYPE & HURRICANE STRENGTH FORCES. Make a mooring decision worthy of your entire marina investment You spend a lot of time researching options for your marina build or upgrade. Since the anchoring is what is going to hold your marina investment in place it is arguably the most crucial components you will decide on. Seaflex is an elastic mooring solution that expands and retracts with each tide and wave, taking on and dampening the forces year after year. It does this while being invisible from the surface, creating some of the most modern, sleek, state of the art marinas of the world. With 45 years of research and development Seaflex is the most technologically advanced mooring option in the world, anchoring thousands of marinas, wave attenuators and buoys worldwide. Research your options, give your marina the mooring solution it deserves! SINCE 1970 | INTERNATIONAL +46 90 160650 | US & CANADA +1 (310) 548 9100 | MW@SEAFLEX.NET

WORLD NEWS Welsh marina reconfigures berths UK: A project to reconfigure berths at Aberystwyth Marina is complete. Walcon Marine was on site for three weeks late last year carrying out extensive work to significantly improve the marina layout. This is the latest stage of an ongoing programme to improve the infrastructure of the marina, which began when the marina was purchased by The Marine Group in September 2015. In addition, the marina has Hyatt opens Newport marina Hyatt Marina nearing completion in Newport, RI USA: The new Hyatt Marina has opened at the Hyatt Hotel, Newport, Rhode Island. The marina has been designed 200ft (61m) in length at a 30in (76cm) to accommodate vessels of over freeboard mega berth and moor up recently benefited from dredging and upgraded security systems. Director of operations, Rob Freemantle, commented: “We are always looking at ways we can improve our service offering and facilities. The new pontoon layout has made a huge impact to improve the access at the marina. By re-arranging the pontoons it is easier to navigate and allowed for the creation of some much needed larger berths. Walcon Marine has done a superb job in working with us to optimise the space available and to ensure the marina is more user friendly for our berth holders.” Director, Chris Odling-Smee, added: “The development of Aberystwyth Marina mirrors the significant programme of investment we are rolling out in Cardiff and across the company as a whole. We have made a long-term commitment to improve Aberystwyth Marina and are looking at long term strategies for continually growing our services, such as our recent purchase of a water injection dredger. This allows us to ensure we are looking to the future and continuing to deliver a first class service to our berth holders.” smaller vessels of up to 60ft (18m) at additional slips. A sloped sport dock has also been added to accommodate kayaks, paddleboards and PWC. SF Marina Systems USA used its Type 400 floating breakwater, cast in a single 82ft (25m) section and moored on seven 18in (46cm) socketed piles to resist wave load. Type 1000 and 1500 single cast solid concrete floating structures, designed and customised for the site conditions and requirements, were also used. The units are constructed from reinforced concrete and Styrofoam, for superior strength, stability and buoyancy. They are engineered to last for decades and handle harsh conditions with minimal maintenance. Hyatt Marina also features internal pile guides, solid concrete angled fingers with rounded ends, five and ten ton stainless steel bollards, threephase power and an in-slip pumpout system with under-deck waste hydrants. The marina system was installed by Reagan Construction and Harbor Engineering acted as engineer for the project. - January/February 2017 9

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