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2017 March April Marina World

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Inland and Coastal

Inland and Coastal Marina Systems Ltd Inland and Coastal Marina Systems specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of marinas. In-house design and manufacturing ensures that our products are always of the highest standard of quality. Our installation service also means that clients can be satisfi ed that experienced professionals are responsible for providing a fully functioning, turnkey marina. Main Offi ce: Queen Street, Banagher, Co. Offaly, Republic of Ireland Int. Telephone: +353 5791 53963 Int. Fax: +353 5791 52964 UK Offi ce: Unit 2, 21 Coulardbank Industrial Estate, Lossiemouth, Moray, Scotland, IV31 6NG Int. Telephone: +44 1 343 813 233 walk on water...

DOCKSIDE PEDESTALS & LIGHTING Complying with the 2017 US NEC Many misconceptions regarding the new 2017 [US] National Electrical Code (NEC) for Marinas and Boatyards have been discussed over the last few months. Chris Dolan examines the pending changes. The new code requires 30mA ground-fault protection on devices that supply power to marinas and boatyards. Previous additions of the code allowed for the 30mA protection to be located in the power pedestal supplying power to the boat. While protection located at the source providing power to the vessel is the most efficient solution, it has been removed from the most recent code requirements. The most important thing for marina owners, operators and developers to understand is that different US states adopt code revisions at different times. As of January 2017, only one state, Massachusetts, had adopted the 2017 National Electrical Code. Of the 50 states and Washington, D.C., 76% are still operating on the 2014 NEC. The 2014 NEC has vastly different requirements than the 2017 version. It is a common misunderstanding that marinas must comply with the most recent code immediately. This is simply not true. Facilities are only required to adhere to and comply with the most recent codes adopted by the state or municipality in which they are located. Also it is important to understand that facilities are only required to meet current codes if they are performing construction that is changing the fit, form or function of the marina. Basic maintenance of a marina does not require an owner or operator to spend thousands of dollars to comply with the most recent codes. While safety within a marina should be of the utmost importance to everyone involved in a facility, the belief that large sums of money need to be invested in a renovation is a misconception. Anyone looking to undertake construction work at a marina should consult the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to find out which national and local codes need to be addressed. NEC adoption by state can be found at www. NEC-Adoption-Map-PDF.pdf. Chris Dolan is manager of sales and customer relations for Marina Electrical Equipment. He is currently secretary of the Association of Marina Industries and serves on the National Fire Protection Committee NFPA 303 – Marinas and Boatyards. He can be contacted at Quantums for Bahrain and Mallorca Rolec’s recently released Quantum pedestal has been selected by Amwaj Marina in Bahrain and Port Adriano’s Old Port in Mallorca. Ninety white aluminium Quantums will service over 180 berths at Amwaj as part of a refurbishment project. Each features a range of sockets, from 16 amp single phase to 63 amp three phase, as well as multiple ½in (12.7mm) water taps and LED illumination. Rolec also undertook the design of the water system at the marina, along with the installation of ten 125 amp to 400 amp distribution units, all cabling and the provision of a fire suppression solution in the shape of the Rolec Fire Caddy. The Quantum pedestals at the marina are supported by Rolec’s popular BerthMaster, a fully networked electricity and water management system that gives the marina manager full operative remote control directly from the office computer. BerthMaster features include: computer controlled service pedestal management; bespoke visual map overview of the marina; individual switch on/off electricity and water supply at every berth; individual real time meter readings of electricity and water consumption at every berth; individual monitoring of every pedestal; complete log of all historical data, i.e. past meter readings of electricity and water consumption; a full customer database; individual or global tariff settings; compatibility with leading marina management administration systems; management of 16 amp to 600 amp electricity supplies and ½in (12.7mm) to 2in (5cm) water supplies; and compatibility with the Quantum pedestals installed at Port Adriano’s Old Port in Mallorca. full Rolec Global Marina Service pedestal range. Bespoke coloured Quantums have been chosen at Port Adriano; another refurbishment contract. The pedestals join other Rolec units supplied over the past three years as part of a phased development. The latest phase of pedestals will provide 16 amp single phase through to 63 amp three phase supplies - and also feature water taps, LED lighting and security locking brackets on the pedestal sockets. Port Adriano is widely accepted as a showcase marina that features excellent facilities, including shops hosting a grand selection of brands, restaurants with gastronomic experiences for all palates, a busy shipyard and a host of other services for visitors to enjoy. Contact Rolec in the UK at - March/April 2017 31

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