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2017 May June Marina World

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PONTOONS/DOCKS & DECKING Environmental considerations took precedence at Boat Harbour Marina. Dredging was avoided and a desalinator installed to produce potable water. Hybrid system for Nanaimo marina International Marine Floatation Systems (IMFS) has completed delivery of the 100-slip private Boat Harbour Marina south of Nanaimo in British Columbia, Canada. Set in a picturesque tranquil peninsula, Boat Harbour Marina is located at the start/finish of the Southern Gulf Islands, a location and setting that seems like a world away from civilization but is less than 20 minutes from the centre of the town. The waterway has lagoons, lakes, numerous coves and beaches, and cycling, hiking and all customary water sports are available. The marina was engineered and designed as an IMFS Hybrid System, with concrete main docks and torque tube fingers for slips of 20-35ft (6-11m). The fingers are built using galvanised frames and Trex decking. The longer structural fingers with 42-100ft (13- 30m) of moorage are built for larger vessels and have 5-12ft (1.5-3.6m) wide concrete fingers. The marina was conceived to maximise the number of slips and accommodate the existing bathymetric conditions without expensive dredging. The marina is piled with 57 steel piles of varying sizes to give maximum system strength. All pier work and pile installation was undertaken by Island Marine Construction. Marina services include Eaton dockside pedestals offering appropriate power and water. The marina was pre-piled using GPS location and IMFS shop drawings and, as the concrete marina docks were delivered, they were installed to the existing piles. Topper Industries supplied two 62ft (19m) long aluminium ramps, one 4ft (1.2m) wide pedestrian ramp and a 7ft (2m) wide Gator utility vehicle access ramp. On site security is enhanced by two separate systems; thirty-nine HD CCTVs and a completely separate Wi-Fi enabled system. The marina electrical system is also backed up by a 14kW diesel emergency generator to ensure continuous supply of electricity during any loss of regular hydro power supply. Boat Harbour Marina has a 25 x 128ft (8 x 39m) concrete ramp landing dock with three storage buildings, one of which houses a desalinator unit supplied by Ampac USA. The Ampac SW3500 desalinator provides fresh potable water from seawater. Using reverse osmosis membranes, 99% of the sea salt is squeezed out of the water. The package system from Ampac also provides the delivery system with a cushion tank for freshwater supply as needed. The desalination system controller includes a built-in web server and, when connected to a router, can be monitored remotely from a smartphone or computer. Checking on the system remotely displays the operational status, the delivery pressure, the water quality and the freshwater supply tank level. Cooperating for docks and decks Australian companies Perma Composites and Universal Marina Systems (UMS) have been utilising their respective decking and pontoon manufacturing experience cooperatively. Most recently, the duo was selected by Insitu Construction & Maintenance to undertake a major upgrade and extension of the South of Perth Yacht Club, located on the Swan River in Perth, Western Australia. The contract involved the partial replacement of the existing fixed marina with a new 140-berth floating system. Perma Composites’ PermaTimber 295 decking boards were recently tested to the latest Australian standards for slip resistance (AS4586:2013) and achieved the highest P5 rating for use in areas with high pedestrian traffic. The product is a durable, low maintenance alternative to natural timber. UMS has recently moved to a new larger manufacturing facility and continues to expand, with a view to supplying fully engineered marina systems worldwide. 40 - May/June 2017

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