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2017 May June Marina World

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PONTOONS/DOCKS & DECKING New arm ready for summer season Although permitting delays gave the company less than 60 days from start to finish, Bellingham Marine Australia met the schedule to build a new dock at Port Macquarie, NSW, in time for the busy holiday season. Bellingham Marine was contracted in May 2016 to retrofit Port Macquarie Marina’s existing C-arm with modern Bow-to or stern-to Martini Marinas, the Martini Alfredo division responsible for marinas, floating pontoons and accessories, has released a special asymmetrical finger claimed to make mooring boats much easier. The innovation was designed and developed in cooperation with an international engineering partner. Boats can be moored in a mix of bow or stern to pontoon configurations thus saving space and making the best use of the full pontoon length. pontoons, services and technologies, and build a new 14-berth arm, to be known as D-arm. D-arm was subject to a permitting process while C-arm was not, as the replacement of the docks on C-arm was considered repair and maintenance. While works were under way on C-arm, the owners worked diligently to obtain the proper approvals for the new construction. The consent was not forthcoming and C-arm works were soon completed. Expecting approval within nine weeks, Bellingham Marine had cast the pontoons for D-arm to allow a smooth transition of work from one area to the next. However, the material could not be delivered to site until the approvals were given. Unable to confirm delivery dates for D-arm and with storage at capacity at Bellingham Marine’s plant in Brisbane, Australia, Bellingham utilised the pontoons for another client. The approvals for D-arm eventually came through in late October, the company quickly resumed work and was able to re-cast all pontoons and install just before Christmas. Construction work was complete in six short weeks. Port Macquarie Marina was able to operate during the busy Australian summer season and the additional 14 berths provided a considerable increase in revenue. The owners plan to continue redevelopment over the winter season. - May/June 2017 45

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