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2017 May June Marina World

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Heavy loads and good looks Boatlifts are not just for small boats as Golden Boat Lifts’ eight-post lift proves when easily accommodating a 240,000lb (108,862kg) vessel. The eight-post lift is engineered to handle significant loads and a wide range of boat styles, sizes and hull shapes and, according to Golden, the secret lies in overbuilding. Manufactured from fully welded rugged 6061 T6 marine grade aluminium with 300 series stainless steel hardware and cables, the lift has four motors. For lifting capacity of 32,000 to 56,000lbs (14,515 to 25,401kg) units are fitted with the company’s industry-leading Sea-Drives. For higher lift ability, Grove/ Leeson double reduction gear reducers are used. Both have been selected for efficient performance and reliability; a serious consideration when lifting 120 tons. Guaranteed to last Since Hydro Systems started in the boatlift industry in 1975, it has honed and improved its Poly Lift series to offer reliable, hasslefree lift capabilities backed up by extended warranties. The company claims several ‘firsts’, including the use of polyethylene for tank flotation (now with a lifetime warranty) and use of ultra high molecular weight plastic for bushings (now with a warranty extension to five years). Hydro Systems has also increased the warranty on the Poly Lift control unit to two years. Carefully designed to be easily operated, with one handle per motor, the handle(s) turn in the same direction instead of turning one handle to the left, one to the right and a third to an alternate position. Poly Lift’s sister product, Roto Lift, is also available. Offering high-end features at low cost, units feature reinforced lift arms, patented torsion clamps, roto moulded highdensity polyethylene tanks, a five year warranty and lifetime lift tank warranty. All vessels benefit from out-of-water storage but the larger the yacht the greater the savings – astounding just for hull and waterline cleaning alone. Increased vessel speed and fuel savings are also significant and, if secured in a lift rather than just a slip, the boat won’t sink if the unthinkable happens and power to the bilge pump goes down. Cost savings and increased safety are bound to appeal to boat owners keen to protect their investment but the problem with boatlifts has long been seen as one of aesthetics. Unsurprisingly, Golden takes this equally seriously and offers GatorVator – to protect the view but facilitate boarding. Believing that crossbeams on boatlifts are unsightly and make boarding difficult, the patented GatorVator design simply eliminates them. With only two drive spools and less cable than other lifts, the BOATLIFTS The eight-post lift (above) securely holds and handles vessels of various styles, sizes and hull shapes weighing up to 120 tons. GatorVator (below) is tough, fast and unobtrusive and thus ideal for residential and sensitive environments. GatorVator is said to be 33% faster. It is engineered so that the boat is always aligned port to starboard. And with a two or four motor configuration, adjusting the boat’s stern-to-bow level provides quick draining when needed – all via remote control. Available in three or four post configurations, the lift adapts to existing piles, boat houses and narrow areas along a dock. Models are offered with capacities up to 30,000lbs (13,608kg). - May/June 2017 51

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