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PRODUCTS & SERVICES Orders build for boat wash machines An exciting new drive-in mechanical boat wash concept – Drive-in Boatwash – has attracted a strong following in Sweden and looks set to roll out worldwide. Developed by two Swedish boating enthusiasts – hydraulics specialist Jan Alven and engineer Karl Axel Bartholf – the initial machine was installed at Bosö Boat Club in Stockholm (above). In the space of just two years, almost all boat owners have opted for a self-service 15 minute mechanical hull scrub rather than using environmentally unfriendly antifouling. Like other boat wash concepts, the Bosö machine uses no chemicals and collects debris removed from the hulls in a containment basin to ensure it does not re-enter the marine environment. Robbie Bergqvist, the boat club’s energetic vice president managed the installation carefully, ensuring that the machine was moored in a prominent position in the harbour. And he developed a training programme to highlight the benefits of hull washing and instruct club members on how to operate the machine themselves. The programme started ahead of the installation to encourage boat owners not to prepare their boats with antifouling in time for the coming summer season but to wait for their first boat wash opportunity. Drive-In Boatwash machines are now operating in 14 marinas in Sweden and the company is eyeing global expansion. Its representatives have toured marinas throughout the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and Robbie Bergqvist Europe and machines are currently in build for marinas in Vancouver (Canada) and Jeddah (Saudi Arabia). Five models are available, the largest of which – Bigwash 16 – cleans vessels up to 16m (53ft) in length. Drive-in Boatwash spokesman, Bjorn Alvén, says the response has been amazing. “Hull brush washing is widely regarded as an effective alternative to anti-foul. With Drive-in Boatwash the concept is now both technically advanced and commercially viable. Knowing the contribution that our machines can make to antifouling elimination, we are actively looking to partner with entrepreneurs and marinas around the world that share our vision and want to be proactive with their customers. With our machines they can educate their members, showing them there is another way.” Contact Drive-In Boatwash in Sweden at info@ 25 years for Dr Shrink International shrink wrap supplier, Dr Shrink, celebrates 25 years in business. Starting in 1985, before the founding of the company, Dr Shrink owner Mike Stenberg worked as a shrink wrap installer, wrapping boats, machinery, aeroplanes etc., and perfecting the trade and acquired skills that made shrink wrapping easier and more efficient. As the concept became more widespread, he saw a pressing need for distribution of premium shrink wrap and installation supplies and his focus shifted from installation to distribution. In 1992, he set up Dr Shrink in his home garage in Manistee, Michigan. Over the past 25 years, Dr Shrink has supplied shrink wrap and installation accessories to industry professionals and DIY enthusiasts. “We’ve had a great and adventurous ride building Dr Shrink – from starting our business in a one-car garage to now having over 112,000ft² (10,405m²) of work space,” Stenberg says. “There is no way we could have done this without the help and loyalty of our customers. I appreciate each and every one of the people we deal with on a daily basis in many countries around the world.” “In the future, we will continue to innovate new products to enhance the installation of our premium line of shrink wrap materials. We will also continue to improve upon our ordering, training and processing systems to make it even easier for our customers to get the products and training they need, when they need it,” he added. Contact Dr Shrink in the USA at - May/June 2017 55

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