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2017 Nov Dec Marina World

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WE HARNESS THE FIRE TO CONTROL THE SEA WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF WE COULD REPLACE STEEL AS REINFORCEMENT WITH SOMETHING NON-CORROSIVE? A couple of years ago we asked ourselves this question and a long process was started. After a couple of years of development, a patent was applied for covering a new production method using Basalt as reinforcement. Basalt is volcanic rock formed from the rapid cooling of lava. Basalt Rebar reinforcement is an alternative to steel for reinforcing concrete, basalt rebar is tough, stronger than steel and has a higher tensile strength. Basalt rebar is naturally resistant to alkali, rust and acids, therefore perfect for Marine environments. PART OF SF GROUP SF Marina has since 1918 been in the forefront in the field of floating breakwaters and concrete pontoons. Our worldwide installations and a century of experience and knowledge is your guarantee for a marina with the longest possible lifetime and minimum maintenance cost. Living up to our promise - still there after the storm. W W W . S F M A R I N A . C O M

Marina World November/December 2017 Vol. 18, No. 2 17 CONTENTS World News 7 News Focus: Montenegro 17 Marina Portonovi, a key element in the Portonovi Resort, has been completed 27 Talking Shop 21 Now under the stewardship of Marina Projects, James Watt Dock near Glasgow, Scotland is being enhanced and expanded. Carol Fulford invited Jeff Houlgrave and Graeme Galbraith to talk shop 55 Superyacht Facilities 27 Rybovich, West Palm Beach, Florida; Caroline Bay Marina, Bermuda; Sovren Ibiza; Capo d’Orlando, Italy; and Victoria International Marina, Canada. Finance & Valuation 52 Gerard McDonough considers the benefits of an income multiplier when valuing a marina Market Focus: Central Asia 55 Vladislav Vorotnikov examines marinas in the Caucasus Products & Service 58 On the cover: Rybovich in West Palm Beach, Florida, is a magnet for superyachts and has been developed since 2004 to be a one-stop marina and service centre. Robert Wilkes reports. Read more p. 27 - November/December 2017 3

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