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2017 September October Marina World

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MARINAS Bitta models

MARINAS Bitta models CREATING CERTAINTY Our clients value a team of insurance professionals with a global outlook and worldwide resources. They value the reassurance of round-the-clock support and expert advice. And they value long-standing, trusted relationships. Marinasure. Insurance services for the marina and the marine trade market. Paris 38 Avenue de l'Opera 2eme etage 75002 Paris +33(0) 53 21 83 58 London 1 Great St Helen's London EC3A 6HX United Kingdom +44 (0)20 7448 6000 Marinasure is a trading name of Hiscox MGA Ltd. Hiscox MGA Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Hiscox MGA Ltd’s registered Office is 1 Great St Helen’s, London EC3A 6HX and the registered number is 07720593. 16635 10/16

ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT Improved water quality at Belgian marina VVW Nieuwpoort has attracted resident seals. Jachthaven Waterlands and Penarth Marinas and also by UK-based initiatives, where the national marine federation runs an excellent support programme via The Yacht Harbour Association (TYHA). The UK’s Royal Yachting Association (RYA) and TYHA’s Active Marina scheme encourage marinas to work with local RYA schools to encourage berth holders to use their boats productively. Examples include local cruises, enabling women or families to improve their boating skills in comfortable tailor-made classes, or introducing recreational sailors to the work of maritime control and rescue services in order to raise awareness about the importance of observing safety regulations and procedures. Reporting the success of these activities within the group has reinforced moves by other European members to connect with their local sailing schools and organise similar convivial and instructional activities in port. Sustainability The Green Blue is an environmental sustainability initiative that has been working with the UK recreational marine sector for the last 12 years, bridging the gap between marinas and berth holders and carrying out free environmental audits for marinas: identifying legal compliance issues, energy reduction opportunities, improved waste management, utility monitoring, environmental management systems and berth holder environmental education. Sustainability officer, Dan Reading, described the project’s development: “In the past decade, The Green Blue has found that average boat owners are much more well informed about their impact on the environment as well as the potential impact that is indirectly linked to their vessel, including maintenance and wash down carried out by marina operators. This has led to numerous partnerships that have not only helped improve facilities but also reduced costs for marina operators.” “From practical actions, such as marking all the surface water drains in the marina and creating recycling signage, the environmental footprint of the marina sector in the UK has improved in the last ten years. There is still more work to be done and schemes such as Blue Flag and the Gold Anchor Scheme have been successful in embedding environmental sustainability criteria in their awards which promotes and rewards the marinas’ efforts,” he continues. Blue water sailors are generally recognised as having special regard for the impact they have on their surroundings. They shop carefully to avoid extra packaging, live relatively minimally on board to optimise space and take care not to pollute the waters in which they sail. Mostly, this is a reaction to the ugly sight of floating debris and shows appreciation of the cohesive dynamic of energies and resources that powers the boat and onboard systems, and contributes to providing drinking water and food. In this way, sailors make very special tourists. They seek to learn about the destination to which they are travelling and tend to be respectful and curious visitors. It is clear that they take steps to research environmentally sound cleaning products, sanitary items and other staples. They share energy-free food storage options and some contribute to citizen science projects that help build up data in otherwise inaccessible areas. As such, they are suitably demanding customers One of the many ways that Quinta do Lorde Marina raises environmental awareness is by hosting special exhibitions. and a great lead for marinas to follow in terms of marine stewardship. International Blue Flag director, Sophie Bachet Granados, offers this inspirational message: “This year is a special one for Blue Flag International and we take the opportunity to look back on our achievements over the past 30 years. Many marinas have joined our network since 1987, including some from the TransEurope Marinas group. We have witnessed the development of great initiatives from hard-working marinas, which we are very proud of, and thankful for. Our international Blue Flag network enables us to share best practices globally, and we are currently investing in a tool which will also enable us to share with the public. We believe that international cooperation is a very powerful asset, and we encourage anyone, in or out of the Blue Flag network, to be proactive about environmental management and education.” For more information: and - September/October 2017 29

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