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2017 September October Marina World

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ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT Lefroy Harbour Resorts gives environmental awareness the highest priority and has introduced many green initiatives to boaters, such as paddle boats (top) with solar panels at the stern and electric bicycles (centre). It also supports the annual Lake Simcoe Conservation Foundation Information Centre (below). Marine rep Kevin Gallagher, there are three such Level Five Platinum marinas in the programme right now. “To date, the programme has rated over 300 marinas in the Province of Ontario and has expanded the programme to the Provinces of British Columbia and Quebec,” he says. “The initiatives are over and above the regular recycling of oil, shrink wrap, oil filters and batteries. The marinas must also have a full-fledged recycling programme for boaters as well.” While Lefroy Harbour Resorts has committed to the sensible environmental practices we see in most green businesses, such as over 90% high-efficiency lighting with motion sensors, water-efficient toilets and showers, air hand dryers rather than paper and a financial commitment to local environmental initiatives, their overall strategic plan showcases a much more thoughtful approach to ecofriendly practice and commitment. For instance, the crew at Lafroy Harbour Resorts does not use antifreeze – or, when necessary, they recycle 75% of used antifreeze. With a majority of covered slips and heated winterised storage, the antifreeze becomes less necessary. They also have no derelict boats on the premises, a particularly hot topic in the marine industry with boats having a longer life cycle and a shorter use time. Additionally, the crew converted the power on its workboats and rental craft with more efficient, newer technology engines. Lefroy Harbour Resorts was also the first marina in Ontario to initiate an annual expired flare collection day, according to Ellery. This programme, in conjunction with Canada-based CIL Paints and the Canadian Power Squadron, allows boaters to safely dispose of flares without simply tossing them into a landfill. Ellery also points out they have successful ‘Cruising for Cans’ food bank collection, and household and boat battery collection programmes. Customer and staff engagement Customer engagement plays a significant role in Lefroy’s environmental management programme. Each boater finds a complimentary bilge sock on their seasonally launched boat to place in the bilge and capture leaked oil or spills. The marina staff then remove the bilge sock when they haul the boat at the end of the season. All customers are asked to sign a Clean Marine Environmental Pledge Form with their annual dockage agreement. The 11-point pledge includes such language as “use the land-based washroom facilities…as long as the boat is at dock and to avoid pumping grey water,” “use environmentally friendly products,” and “promote Clean Marine Practices at all times.” The marina also offers an annual environmental award to both customers and staff for their Green Initiative Ideas. “Marinas ‘Green Initiatives’ is one of the top questions asked by new boaters looking to be a member at Lefroy Harbour Resorts,” Ellery says. The Lefroy Harbour Resorts team must also adhere to strident ecoforward practices, such as participating in spill containment courses with spill kits available at all fuelling stations for staff and boaters alike. Boaters are offered “Safe Refuelling” guidelines and the Lefroy Harbour Resorts website links directly to Discover Boating’s “Tips for Reducing Fuel Usage.” Employees are also trained in environmental awareness and practices along with the Clean Marine programme. “The service department must instil environmental management - September/October 2017 33

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