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2017 September October Marina World

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ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT into their practices,” Gallagher notes. “Including best practices for servicing boats, bottom painting and winterising boats.” These environmental practices extend into the grounds. According to Explore Lake Simcoe, a group dedicated to reducing environmental impacts of businesses in the area, “the land at Lefroy Harbour is graded to allow stormwater to settle so that it filters into the ground instead of running off paved areas directly into the lake. Mature trees and vegetation are planted to absorb water and stop erosion. The mature trees also provide shade, minimising the need for artificial cooling. Areas of the property are purposely left in a natural state to encourage animal habitat and improve water quality.” In return, Lefroy Harbour Resorts Natural vegetation plays an important part in reducing environmental impact at Lefroy Harbour. Mature trees have been planted to absorb water and stop soil erosion and parts of the property have purposely been left to nature to improve water quality and encourage animal habitat. is able to boast substantial natural grounds as a selling point for its customers and boaters. Both properties boast natural lands that complement well-manicured lawns, resort amenities, playgrounds and beaches. We have “a strong commitment to pushing the envelope towards helping Lefroy Harbour research the newest technologies and procedures in making the day-to-day operations more environmentally sustainable,” Ellery notes. When asked what motivated staff at Lefroy Harbour Resorts to focus on achieving their Platinum Clean Marine status, she asserted it was all due to three generations of family commitment to environmental leadership. Today, “Ryan Stovold along with the staff of Lefroy Harbour Resorts have been instrumental in continuous improvements with this family tradition.” 36 - September/October 2017

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