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2018 July August Marina World

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ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT Streamlining pump-out at Newport Shipyard Marinas are constantly trying to improve their pumping systems to make it easier to empty black and grey water holding tanks. In Rhode Island, USA, Newport Shipyard recently upgraded two sections of its docks by installing an Edson in-slip pump-out system. Each is outfitted with Edson’s Platinum series peristaltic pump, a radio on/off remote control and an integral flow meter. Before the installation, a pump-out boat or cart was sent to the slips but the size of the holding tanks for yachts docked at the marina ranges from 20 to 800 gallons (91 to 3,637 litres). With limited tank capacity in pumpout boats and carts, the marina staff were required to make multiple trips to successfully complete the job. The other pump-out method available was at a fixed pump-out station; which meant inconveniencing boaters and crew by making them leave their slips. To address the issues, Edson designed two inslip pump-out systems with dry disconnect hydrants that eliminate the pump-out boat, cart and the single fixed pump-out station. Both pump-out systems run high-density polyethylene pipe (HDPE DR11) with dry disconnect hydrants throughout the marina. One system utilises 13 hydrants and the other utilises nine. The dry disconnect hydrants allow the pump-out hose assembly to be moved to numerous locations throughout the marina, without odour, drips or stains. They also ensure that unused valves are closed. The dry disconnect hydrant is made up of two interconnecting ball valves: a female valve attached to the hose and a male valve mounted to the dock. These valves can only be disconnected when they are completely closed, trapping any liquid in the hose or hydrant. To reduce the amount of hose on the docks, Newport Shipyard ordered two 100ft (30m) pump-out hose assemblies that could be connected to any of the 21 dry disconnect hydrants. With a 100ft (30m) hose connected to a hydrant, the dock attendant can go directly to a boat and empty its holding tank. Each pump-out system contains a radio remote control that allows the operator to turn the pump on and off remotely. To ensure the marina is only charged for exact usage by the city, each pump is outfitted with an integral flow meter. This displays overall volume, batch volume and flow rate. Marinas can also implement internetbased tracking and monitoring for both fixed stations and mobile pump-out equipment. The Edson solution can monitor, generate reports and send alerts for many different operations. ‘Pump On/Off,’ ‘Gallons Pumped,’ ‘Real Time Location’ (GPS), ‘Low Voltage,’ ‘Service Pump,’ ‘Power Outage,’ and more are all available. The system can monitor mobile units and ‘In State/ Out of State’ use, ‘Bilge Alert,’ ‘Holding Tank Full,’ ‘Ignition On’ (boat motor), and even implement ‘Geofence’ alerts.’ Alerts can be sent to multiple email addresses and phone numbers via text message. Further customisation of monitoring and reports is also available. E: Above: One of 21 dry disconnect hydrants installed at Newport Shipyard. Each comprises two interconnecting ball valves; a female valve attached to the hose and a male valve mounted to the dock. Right: A Platinum series peristaltic pump for the in-slip pumpout system. 32 - July/August 2018

REGISTER TODAY! Noted speakers include: Stavros Katsikadis President of the Board, Greek Marinas Association Managing Director, LAMDA Flisvos Marina Donald R. Sadoway John F. Elliot Professor of Materials Chemistry Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Roberto Perocchio Chair, ICOMIA Marinas Group Udo Kleinitz Secretary General, International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA) Presented by: Hosted by: Organised by: Under the auspices: With the kind support of: Lead sponsors: Main sponsor: Conference sponsors: Exclusive International Marina Media Partner: Communication sponsors:

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