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2018 March April Marina World

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DRY-STACK STORAGE MACHINERY Hazelett Marine Conservation Elastic Mooring Systems For Yachts and Docks Semi-automated equipment for dry-stacks Boat delivery: less than 3 minutes Dry-stack solutions by DRYSTA 15 135 Palmer West Lakeshore Court Suite Drive, 212 APO Box 600 South Colchester, Burlington, Vermont 05446-0600 Vermont, EMAIL: 05403 Office: TELEPHONE: 802 (802) 399 2627 863-6376 Email: FAX: (802) 863-1523 WORLDWIDE PROJECTS Ask for dealer contact in your country

DRYSTACK New Marina Bulls at Coconut Grove Marina in Florida were built with 55ft (17m) lift height to service plenty of vertical drystack storage. US drystack showcases Wiggins’ double bill Saturday, 17 th February 2018 marked the beginning of a new era at CG Marina in Coconut Grove, Florida. With friends, family and interested customers from the Miami International Boat Show on hand to celebrate the delivery of two new Wiggins Marina Bulls, the marina was able to showcase the new equipment and location that has boat owners taking notice. A new project, CG Marina is being developed on the site of the old Grove Key Marina in Coconut Grove. Offering prime location and top-tier planned amenities, CG Marina is the next big thing on the Miami drystack scene. Because it is storing and launching boats during renovation, CG found itself in need of new forklifts to handle the boats it was storing. Desiring the capacity to lift boats up to the Invincible 42ft (13m) Open Fisherman, CG Marina ordered a Wiggins W5.0, with a maximum capacity of about 25,000lbs at a 192in (488cm) load centre, which equates to about a 40-42ft (12-13m) boat. Knowing the amount of boats that would soon be filling up its racks, CG also ordered a smaller truck, a W2.9. The W2.9 is capable of lifting about 17,000 lbs at a 156in (396cm) load centre, which equates to about 36ft (11m) boats. This will allow the marina to use its smaller, more agile lift for 35ft (10.6m) boats and below, while using the big lift for the bigger boats. Throughout the quoting process, Wiggins and CG discussed the (literal) growing trend in the boating industry: the boats are just getting bigger. A large centre console open fisherman ten years ago is an average size boat now, and this trend is not stopping any time soon. Knowing this, Wiggins designed and built CG’s W5.0 bigger and heavier than its standard, giving CG the ability to simply add counterweight to add capacity for bigger boats down the road, rather than having to upgrade all the major components such as tyres and axles. In this way, CG Marina can handle the biggest boats it wants to lift right now, while having the option of easily handling bigger boats in the future if it chooses. “I am very happy to have helped CG Marina acquire their new Wiggins Marina Bulls. I am also thankful to CG Marina and the Grove Bay Hospitality Group for allowing us to have our Miami Boat Show showcase on their property. During the showcase, many present and future clients were able to see the new Marina Bulls up close and in action,” said Wiggins salesman Al Paradela. Both Marina Bulls were built with 55 feet (17m) of lift height, giving CG plenty of vertical storage space. They also came with Wiggins’ AutoLube system, which automatically lubricates the pins and bearings in the steer axle and mast, prolonging the life of each component. With a custom royal blue and silver paint job to top it off, Wiggins could not be prouder of how the CG Marina forklifts turned out: “As the premier marina forklift manufacturer, we always take pride in partnering with premier drystack locations across the country. This is especially the case with CG Marina, which will soon become an elite South Florida destination for boaters,” said Michele Wiggins-McDowell, Wiggins Lift’s CEO and a third generation member of the founding Wiggins family. E: - March/April 2018 31

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