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2018 March April Marina World

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DRYSTACK Rose Marina (left) is an architecturally enhanced traditional drystack. The ASAR concept (below) will be installed at Gulf Star Marina. be standard with a forklift facility as we eliminate the wide drive aisle.” Safe Harbour is partnering with experienced stacker crane manufacturer LTW Intralogistics whose chief operating officer, Rick Stephens, sees great things ahead. “I am very excited about the Gulf Star Marina project,” he tells Marina World. “The team (LTW and Robert Brown) has worked very hard over the last few years to make this project a reality.” Gulf Star Marina sits on a 2.6 acre (1ha) site offering wet and dry slips. Its current covered drystack arrangement stores about 100 boats of up to 30ft (9m) in length in a 1950s barn. Owner, Carroll Properties, is looking to revamp the site by introducing a modern drystack building of far better appearance. Although the owner doesn’t necessarily seek to accommodate more boats, in keeping with current trends, it wants to rack larger boats. The Gulf Star building will have a footprint of 29,000ft² (2,694m²) and easily handle vessels up to 40ft (12m) long weighing from 15,000 to 20,000lbs (6,804 to 9,072kg). According to Brown, the build schedule is around 12 months but planning was less onerous than for a newbuild. “Rehabilitation is easier when it comes to permitting etc. – it makes for a simpler path. It helps when the intention is to make things look better,” he says. Rick Stephens picks up on the automated drystack benefits. “Because of the multiple deep design and very narrow aisle, we can store many more boats in the same footprint as a traditional drystack. Even better, if the space is limited, we can maximise the available space with more storage capacity because of our smaller clearances and storage configuration,” he says. “Automation also ensures safe handling of the boats, as well as lower risk of personnel injury (if properly trained and maintained).” But safe handling does not mean slow handling, he stresses. “The system speed will vary depending on the installation but, for Gulf Star Marina, the automated system can handle one boat every six to seven minutes for an outbound cycle, or two boats in the same amount of time if one boat is coming in while another boat is going out. Compare that to a traditional marina that could take anywhere between 20 minutes and 40 minutes for one boat, not including all the personnel required to make this one move happen,” he explains. Stephens described the Gulf Star project as a “game changer” due to the new available technology. “Automation/ semi-automation has been attempted in the past using a variation of an overhead crane that hangs from the ceiling but this type of system, although ‘cutting edge’ and different back in its day, has many challenges as it is slow and swings when loaded with a boat. The LTW boat handling stacker crane is a stable machine with four masts and drives on floor mounted rails, not overhead.” The automated machinery is not new for LTW, which has been producing stacker cranes since 1982 for all types of products, with many different sizes and weights. Whether it uses telescopic forks or its own internally developed shuttle/mole, LTW installs systems from small boxes weighing as little as 50lbs (22.6kg) to large stacks of oversized plywood boards weighing almost 20,000lbs (9,072kg), as well as shipping containers and bundles of steel rods or coils. “We are not reinventing the wheel at LTW,” Stephens says. “We are only improving our product year by year and causing a new industry to look at storage in a completely different way.” This new storage concept will add an innovative new reference to Safe Harbour Dry Stacks’ expanding project portfolio and become its first Automated Storage & Retrieval (ASAR) project. 36 - March/April 2018

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