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2018 March April Marina World

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TRAINING, EDUCATION & CERTIFICATION what we take for granted and, today, we consider internet access and the communication possibilities of a mobile as just part of life. Many people use a laptop as a main computer because it is portable, watch movies in bed and definitely take it on holiday. One of the consequences of such behaviour is the quick, superficial use of information. People do not care to dig a bit deeper when investigating a fact; it is browse, zap! use the info, move on. We are getting used to using internet as a source of answers, and answers we get, but that light layer of information - everywhere and easily to hand - cannot replace knowledge and experience because its intrinsic ‘quick and good for all’ status must be adapted to the marina project we are addressing. And dinosaurs must be aware of the limitations they have in comparison to new clients, investors and operators who started with computing knowledge in primary school and are infinitely more comfortable connecting with others through IT. I can give an excellent example – a successful marina operator in his sixties who has developed many marinas and drystacks. He started a project some four years ago in Florida, the drystack was built but it didn’t fill up as quickly as anticipated. After a few months of drawing on all the tricks he’d gathered over the last 30 years including organising a boat rally, he decided to engage a youngster to promote the facility using social media. The guy had a chat with the operator, looked at the facility, and started working. In one month the occupation was as predicted, and the clients were looking forward to participating in the rally: a perfect dinosaur-social media expert combination. But such an example could not have delivered these results if my colleague’s experience hadn’t been there for designing the facility, optimising the operation, sizing the car parking and the waiting pontoons, establishing the right mix of boats, and ‘seeing’ the drystack working in 3D as only an experienced designer-operator can do. Let’s never forget that in marinas we deal with people who are on holiday, people who are receptive to impressions rather than given to deep analysis. The app to tailor emotions to a specific person at a specific moment has not been invented yet, and let’s hope it never will be. An experienced marina consultant will use his/her own human experience to trigger human emotions when designing and operating a facility. It will be unique to that facility and involve evaluation of the surroundings and integration with the local community, to mention two important factors not considered when designing marinas until a few years ago. Dinosaurs, social media and apps are here to stay and, if they support each other, will create and operate the perfect marina for a given place in the rapidly changing world in which we live today. Oscar Siches runs Marina Matters, a consultancy based in Mallorca, Spain. He can be contacted on e: Record IMI awards The International Marina Institute (IMI), the training arm of the Association of Marina Industries (AMI), held its award ceremony for new Certified Marina Managers (CMMs) and Operators (CMOs) on 1 st February at AMI’s annual International Marina & Boatyard Conference (IMBC) in New Orleans, Louisiana. This year saw a record number of awards and the largest group of CMOs since the addition of this certification in 2009. Worldwide, there are currently 35 CMOs and 350 CMMs. New CMMs and CMOs have completed the Intermediate Marina Management Course (IMM) and Advanced Marina Management Course (AMM). Upon completion of both courses, each marina manager must submit an extensive CMM or CMO application for review and approval by the CMM/CMO review committee. This level of professional training and commitment sets each individual and facility apart from others within the industry. This year’s CMM recipients were: • Kevin Lidgard, Westhaven Marina, Auckland, New Zealand • Desiree Bell, Mears Marina, Annapolis, MD, USA • Tom Warren, Westhaven Marina, Auckland, New Zealand • David Isom, Charleston City Marina, Charleston, SC, USA • Chantal Victor, Crandon Park Marina, Key Biscayne, FL, USA • Daniel High, Rose Marina, Marco Island, FL, USA • Daniel Muelhaupt, Miamarina at Bayside, Miami, FL, USA • Georgette Jabbour, Tonka Bay Marina, Tonka Bay, MN, USA • Patrick Kenney, Aqualand Marina, Flowery Branch, GA, USA This year’s CMO recipients were: • Jason Tuel, Mears Point Marina, Grasonville, MD, USA • Sam Hird, Morningstar Marinas at Eaton Ferry, Littleton, NC, USA • Mark Dryden, Wexford Marina, Hilton Head, SC, USA • Andy Holzem, South Bay Marina, Green Bay, WI, USA • Aeneas Hollins, The Marina at Christophe Harbour, St. Kitts, West Indies • Eric King, Southport Marina, Southport, NC, USA • Donnie Quinn, Mears Great Oak Landing, Chestertown, MD, USA • Rory Jose, The Landings Marina, Savannah, GA, USA • Melinda Tasler, Port of Sunnyside Club, Inc. Stillwater, MN, USA • Serena Saunders, Captain John’s Fawn Harbor & Marina, Fawnskin, CA, USA • Ian Wilkinson, Foss Harbor Marina, Tacoma, WA, USA For further information: 46 - March/April 2018

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