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2018 May June Marina World

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LIFTING EQUIPMENT INTEGRAL MANUFACTURER FOR MARINAS AND SHIPYARDS During 2017 GH Cranes & Components has installed several boat hoists in different parts of the world, continuing with its worldwide expansion strategy and keeping its strong position in Spain. Out of our 4 last installations, 3 of the units include Electronic Steering system which allows our clients to work more efficiently by using 4 different steering modes controlled by PLC: 2WD: 2 front wheels steering 90° + 2WD: Lateral displacement + 2 right wheels steering 45° Crab: Both diagonals running Polar: 360° Turning The last one, commissioned in Jan 2018, is equipped with Polar Mechanical steering system which is appropriate for the configuration of this specific marina in Mallorca. Bº Salbatore s/n 20200 Beasain, Gipuzkoa (SPAIN) / T: +34 943 569 176 / / Click, Click, Click. Marina planning and design tools at your fingertips. MW 1/2 Page F1.indd 1 3/9/18 8:29 AM

MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Enhanced marina management: taking a tablet to the dockside pedestal for meter readings (left) and moving vessels using a Wizard prompt (below). Wizard prompts and mobile POS With an expanding number of ‘Wizards’ on offer to help prompt more efficient management and the increased flexibility offered by a mobile module with Point of Sale (POS) application, Pacsoft continues to develop a management system that is both comprehensive and versatile. For over 20 years, Pacsoft has specialised in the marina, boatyard and yacht club business with a hands-on approach that applies significant industry knowledge to ensure customers receive a fully comprehensive solution that meets and automates their needs. One of the early proponents of the importance of ‘the visual marina’, Pacsoft has created scaled presentations for vessel locations at wet berth marinas, alongside wharves or pontoons, in drystacks, land storage and tenancies, and even trailer parks. All provide customer, vessel or agreement details. Operation, most recently, has been enhanced with the introduction of ‘Wizards’, specially designed prompts that lead staff through repetitive complex operations. This reduces staff training – especially for new employees – and ensures that everyone follows the correct business processes. There are now Wizards for several different tasks: • Lease ownership: this leads the user through the process of a customer selling a lease, automatically recognising a marina sub-renter, private renter or owner occupier and any credits or invoicing required for rented and/or operational expense charges. • Relocation of vessels: moving boats from one berth to another with automatic prompts for any utility connections, associated charges and reassignment of security gate keys. • Boatyard job creation: ability to automatically add task lines for different types of work. • Seasonal marina: automatic renewal of contracts from one season to the next. Pacsoft software seamlessly integrates with a marina website, allowing customers to enter their contact and vessel details, make a marina booking and pay using a credit card. It can integrate with many other aspects of marina operation, including accounts/finance (either transactional or journals), utility metering, security access, fuel dispensing, food and beverage point of sale, employee time recording and membership. It can also import charges from third party systems. The software is not only flexible but on-the-move. The Mobile Marina Module offers a ‘Dockwalk’ with operational notes that gives the staff member the ability to take meter readings, amend rental bookings and take POS payment for vessels checking in or out. The module can be operated offline and in sync when a connection (wifi or GSM) is available. E: - May/June 2018 35

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