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2018 May June Marina World

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The magazine for the marina industry

NEW 295 Board Composite

NEW 295 Board Composite Timber Pontoon Decking Ultra Deck Benefits 295mm width halves install time Low slip potential (wet & dry) 1.5Kn point load (at 600mm span) 10 year warranty Teak Featuring a , timber embossed or grooved face UK Head Office +44 (0)1255 440297

MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Simplifying complex management issues Since 2005, Spanish company Raona has come a long way in marina management software development. After listening and responding to the needs and demands of the industry, it introduced Ideris; a brand designed to simplify complex management issues. After a decade of work in tandem with several marinas, Raona launched its market leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool, Galatea. This is designed to dramatically improve efficiency in the marina and yacht club workplace and accelerate growth. The ERP is complemented by a range of software solutions that further boost productivity. The Raona Group, a gold partner of Microsoft and Gartner, sees itself as a strategic partner for its marina clients rather than just a supplier of a software brand as it offers combined knowledge about the marina industry and pioneering technology. There are three major aspects of the Ideris system: the digital marina; a mobile app; and pay for what you use. Raona’s ‘Sailing to your digital experience’ hub tool offers a single point of access for all communications, contents, tools and whatever is used to help organise the workforce. Everything is accessible with any device at any location and enables employees and customers to collaborate and interact. Mindful that the main objective of this is marina profitability, a set of visual tools is added to help the marina manager make decisions based on real data. The mobile app for marina customers is specifically designed for each facility with the aim of ensuring they are always informed and connected. This The Ideris system gives managers up to date analysis of how the marina is being used (left) and a vibrant home page (below). makes for better engagement between the marina office and marina users and increases customer loyalty. As all services must only suit the needs of a specific marina, each facility pays only for what it uses; Raona’s Software as Service concept. This is enhanced by the fact that everything is in a real cloud environment, which gives flexible connectivity options and cloud accelerated software improvements. Customers are keen to give their feedback. Francesc Talavera Pedrol, head of administration at Port Olimpic, Barcelona, says: “Using Galatea lets us communicate internally and know each client and what he/she likes. We can offer them a better service having this one-to-one conversation and all feedback is available for everyone to see. Businesses are made of relationships and Galatea helps make them better.” Raimon Roca Roig, general manager at Club Nàutic L’Escala on Spain’s Costa Brava, adds: “Galatea is a wonderful tool. It helps to simplify the tasks of the technical and administrative staff. Thanks to Galatea we maintain a more fluid communication with our customers and guarantee a more efficient and faster service.” E: - May/June 2018 41

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