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2018 May June Marina World

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The magazine for the marina industry Cascais, PORTUGAL +351 214 692 024 Barcelona, SPAIN +34 933 601 101 Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL +55 21 97254 1894 Marina do Parque das Nações (Lisbon, Portugal) TOTAL CONTROL OF MARINA at your fingertips marinamanagementsoftwaresolutions IMPROVE CUSTOMER SERVICE TO CREATE ADDED VALUE IN YOUR LANGUAGE Visit our website “Gold Anchor marinas are assessed by a creditable and experienced team covering the globe.” Kenny Jones - IGY Executive Vice President - Operations - Island Global Yachting Marinas in: United States, Caribbean, Latin America and Mediterranean Emanuele Rinaldi Italy Alistair Skinner China John Lewis Australia Andrew Jaggers Ireland Murat Tuncer Turkey Tony Dye England Mieke Vleugels Belgium Andrew Monks Australia

MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Marinacloud – a case study in Marina Punat Good marina managers are constantly looking for ways to increase operational efficiency, productivity and revenue while keeping their customers happy. It is not always an easy task, but as evidenced by the implementation of the Marinacloud software in Marina Punat (above), it can be made easier with a good software platform. Marina Punat is a renowned Croatian marina in the Northern Adriatic. Over its 50-year history, it has succeeded in claiming its spot among the best marinas in Europe and is one of the most rewarded marinas in Croatia. As proof of its quality, it boasts TYHA 5 Gold Anchors and ADAC five rudders, and it has held both the Blue Flag and ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for 20 continuous years. In addition to being a marina of the highest quality, Marina Punat also has a yacht service centre, 4-star hotel, restaurant and a wellness centre. With this level of quality, it is no surprise that Marina Punat currently has nearly 1,400 permanent customers, some of whom have been in the marina for several decades. But with 150 employees, up to 250 daily transits in the summer and the usual safety procedures, legal regulations and administration duty, the marina team decided they needed a better way to run the marina. The managers set out to develop a solution and created a team of experienced marina managers and IT engineers who spent years developing and modelling the best operational procedures of a successful marina in the digital age. With their considerable experience and the latest cutting-edge Oracle Cloud technology, the team created a unique solution that they believe incorporates the best business practices and know-how in the industry. This is now available as a commercial product, and has been named Marinacloud. With new and innovative ways to tackle familiar issues such as batch invoicing, tracking customer debt, resource planning and contract management, as well as original features such as LiveCAM integration, the so-called Proactive Boat Care functionality and others, Marinacloud quickly became indispensable in Marina Punat, and the results followed swiftly. First of all, operational efficiency grew immensely. The marina’s berth utilisation rate rose well over 100% and the number of contracts increased by approximately 200% thanks to new Welcoming new customers (l to r): Patricia Perraud, office manager of Saint-Quay Port d’Armor, France; Krešimir Žic, CEO and founder of Marinacloud; Jean-Michel Gaigné CMM, managing director of Saint-Quay Port d’Armor; Trevor Tomlin, assistant harbourmaster of Saint-Quay Port d’Armor; and B. Renata Marević, managing director of Marina Punat. services provided by Marinacloud functionalities. With Marinacloud, Marina Punat as a whole is saving thousands of work hours every month, allowing the staff to focus on what’s truly important – the customers. Customers have never been happier, and the marina’s berths are constantly in extremely high demand. Marina management can be challenging. However, as proven by the implementation of Marinacloud in Marina Punat, a combination of modern technology and professional experience can lead to a significant reduction in complexity, increase in productivity and added value. These values have been recognised by numerous other marinas that have adopted Marinacloud – with the French marina, Port d’Armor, the latest addition to the Marinacloud family. Jean-Michel Gaigné, managing director of Saint-Quay Port d’Armor, explains why he turned to this solution: “After having browsed the different management software available on the market, including the most popular ones in France, we eventually decided to choose Marinacloud. I was aware of the development undertaken by Marina Punat and was impressed by the potential of the application. Our office manager, Patricia Perraud, did an extensive review of the functionalities and confirmed my own opinion. We are now about to start the implementation of Marinacloud in Saint-Quay Port d’Armor this summer and are very happy with the attention paid to our needs by the Marinacloud team.“ E: - May/June 2018 45

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