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2018 May June Marina World

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Kropf Industrial also

Kropf Industrial also manufactures Conolift hydraulic boat trailers and mobile boat hoists with capacities from 3 – 100 tons. 888.480.3777 Average Net Circulation 6,925 Marina World Audit Period 1st July 2016 to 30th June 2017 Maricer (CPES Ltd) Vale Industrial Estate, Spilsby, Lincolnshire PE23 5HE UK Call Now On +44 (0) 1790 753164 YOUR NEXT AD COULD DIE FROM nothing POOR CIRCULATION. Nothing will If you change The truth hurts. An advertisement that doesn’t reach its market hurts your budget. As an advertiser, we believe you need accurate, up to date and independently verified circulation figures for the publications in which you choose to advertise. That’s precisely what an ABC Certificate of Circulation provides. Visit: change Change to the world of

MarinaGuard upgrade better protects against ESD The upgraded MarinaGuard Series 2 ground fault protection panels from US company Bender protect against the danger of electric shock drowning (ESD) and meet new regulations to safeguard people at marinas, boatyards and docking facilities across the USA and Canada. Updates to the US National Electrical Code (NEC, NFPA 70) 2017 significantly changed the ground fault protection requirements for ‘Marinas, Boatyards and Commercial and Noncommercial Docking Facilities’. The detection maximum limit under the updated NEC Article 555.3 has been lowered from 100mA to 30mA. NEC 555.3 now requires ground fault protection (i.e. tripping) at the 30mA level for all over-current devices supplying these facilities. In Canada, the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC, CSA C22.1) 2018 also requires 30mA protection as described in Rule 78-052. Electric shock drowning occurs principally in freshwater environments, and the threat starts with an electrical fault condition on the dock or onboard a boat when a voltage source comes into contact with the body of water. The voltage creates an electric field that radiates throughout the water in a hemispherical shape – like ripples from a pebble thrown into the water. Electric current begins to flow through the swimmer’s body when entering the electric field. The human body has a much lower resistance than fresh water so it acts as a better conductor of electricity and, in the presence of an electric field, the person not the surrounding fresh water conducts the majority of electric current. As little as 10mA of current can cause a loss of muscle control, which may result in drowning. ESD is a hidden threat as the victim may not be exposed to the stray voltage field when entering the water. The victim believes that the water is safe for swimming until he or she enters the invisible electric field. Meeting new requirements Bender helped to pioneer reliable ground fault protection for marinas with the original MarinaGuard but halted sales in mid-2017 to prepare a design update to meet the new standards mentioned above. MarinaGuard 2 operates by immediately tripping a circuit breaker to de-energise the faulted circuit when a ground fault is detected. It is available in two variants: single-channel MG-1.2 and 12-channel MG-T.2, offering one or 12 powered trip outputs to control shunt-trip circuit breakers. The product is factory configured for 30mA protection but the value can be decreased for enhanced protection beyond the regulatory requirement or increased for non-NEC 2017 applications. The trip-delay time can be adjusted to minimise de-energised circuits when cascaded protection is used (selective coordination). The electrical panel is housed in a lockable NEMA 4X enclosure that PRODUCTS & SERVICES conforms to NEC 555.11. A topmounted flashing red beacon indicates a ground-fault trip and a front panel push button resets MarinaGuard after a fault has been repaired or disconnected. The units have a green front panel ‘ready’ light to show proper operation and a front panel ‘test’ push button to verify protection-system operation. The panels provide a continuous read-out of leakage current (if any) on a graphical display screen. E: - May/June 2018 47

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