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2018 May June Marina World

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The world leader in mooring systems The marinas of the future ask for versatile systems that stand the test of time; products that can adapt to the developing demands and protect How does it work? SEAFLEX® is an elastic mooring solution that expands and retracts with each tide and wave, taking on and dampening the forces the most modern, sleek, state of the art With 45 years of research and development, SEAFLEX® is the most technologically advanced mooring option in the world, anchoring thousands of marinas, wave SEAFLEX® Rope SEAFLEX® is custom made to handle the With the system in place, the moored application is secured in all directions, throughout wind, waves and Research your options, give your marina the mooring solution it deserves! for INTERNATIONAL P +46 90 160650 Contact us US & CANADA P +1 (310) 548 9100

WORLD NEWS Expansion boost at Port Louis GRENADA: The Government of Grenada has given its support to a plan proposed by Camper & Nicholsons Marinas (C&NM) to increase berthing capacity at its Port Louis Marina by around 50%. The new pontoons will complement the existing marina design and infrastructure and add 70 berths. They will be designed to provide flexible berthing for a range of vessels including superyachts, cruising yachts, local boats and charter yachts, and to host international sailing races and regattas and family-based maritime events. The additional development further secures the promise of greater tourism links and associations, which will benefit the whole island, and the marina investment will run to several million dollars. C&NM chief operating officer, Dan Hughes, comments: “The expansion of Port Louis Marina will be a significant step towards realising the full potential of one of our major marina assets which sees strong year-on-year growth. We have demonstrated our long-term commitment to the island of Grenada since the purchase of Port Louis Marina back in 2008 and our continued Design under way for Port Royal strong collaboration with the local government.” “We have enjoyed considerable growth in the yachting sector by providing a sought-after destination and the local management and team provide reputable five-star service and a high level of safety and security to USA: Grey Ghost Properties has commenced planning and design for Port Royal, a major marina development in Battery Creek, South Carolina. Located in one of the deepest natural harbours on the Eastern Seaboard, the project will include waterfront homes, town houses, restaurants and retail facilities. Grey Ghost currently holds federal and state permits to construct up to 250 slips at the site. The studies will provide details on the current market for permanent boat slips and demand for transient use, as well as a capital expenditure plan for phased development of the marina over a ten-year horizon. The goal of this approach is to ensure that the marina development is financially successful by addressing the current and future needs of local and regional boaters as well as the larger yachts traversing the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW). “We’re very excited to have ATM moving forward on this project,” says Grey Ghost managing director Chris Butler. “With their local connection and worldwide reputation, it was a natural fit.” Ed Modzelewski, chairman and founder of ATM, has been involved with the Port Royal property for many years. ATM previously completed a feasibility study for transient berthing of large vessels travelling along the ICW and the Atlantic route. “We are pleased to be part of the Port Royal team and to see that the partners are using a development strategy all who visit,” he continues. “The new berths will allow greater utilisation of the available water space and provide space for more yachts to visit and berth in Port Louis Marina and enjoy Grenada in the future.” Build of the new berths is due to start in 2019. that will add long term value to this waterfront property,” he comments. “It will enhance the overall value of the town of Port Royal and Beaufort County. I am looking forward to all of it coming together and becoming a desired destination for tourists, pedestrians, boats and yachts.” The detailed Marina Feasibility Report will serve as a guidance document and road map for phased development of dockage and marina upland support facilities, such as fuel service and supplies. The marina plans will include ways to integrate it into the upland marina village to maximise public use. - May/June 2018 9

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