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2018 September October Marina World

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A-Z GUIDE PONTOON/DOCK & BREAKWATER MANUFACTURERS PACIFIC PONTOON & PIER, Queensland, Australia E: An Australian owned company with over 30 years of experience in the marina industry. Pacific Pontoon & Pier (PPP) specialises in commercial marina design and construction, residential pontoons, boardwalks and custom products for the resource industry. In addition to Australia, PPP also services international construction markets with its patented, low-maintenance, highly durable system. PIERBRASIL, São Paulo, Brazil E: PierBrasil is the leading manufacturer and installer of floating concrete pontoons and breakwaters in Brazil. Five different systems and combinations offer feasible technical solutions for marinas and harbour facilities. The company has installed over 4,000m² of floating piers as well as gangways, floating ramps, service towers and accessories. Also supplies turnkey projects including anchorage with concrete anchors or pile guides. PIER GENIUS, Iowa, USA E: The Pier Genius patented ‘Anti- Sway’ tube frame system provides marinas with an ultimate docking system. It is claimed to be stronger than conventional truss frame docks and includes patented features such as the PG pipe lock conduit system and non-wood 50-year decking. Harleyford Marina, Buckinghamshire, UK. Pontoons: Walcon Marine PORALU, Port, France E: Poralu Marine has been designing, manufacturing and installing top of the range pontoons and marina systems worldwide for over 35 years. The company can meet all customer requests by providing functional and long lasting equipment that is attractive and environmentally friendly. With experience of 8,000+ projects covering five continents, Poralu’s strategy of innovation and sustainable development has made it a recognised expert in the marketplace. RONAUTICA MARINAS, Tui, Spain E: Ronautica prides itself on delivering turnkey marina projects that draw on the company’s passion, experience and innovation. Aluminium and concrete pontoons, and associated equipment are available. Ronautica has 25 years of experience worldwide and a team of in-house specialists. All products are manufactured in Spain. (See advertisement p.42) SF MARINA SYSTEM AB, Gothenburg, Sweden E: SF Marina’s modular systems encompass concrete floating breakwaters and pontoons, commercial and leisure boat marinas, pontoons for handicap access to water and boats, pontoons for boat clubs, fuelling pontoons, fish farming systems, floating bridges, support structures for floating buildings, commuter boat docks, seaplane and helicopter landing platforms and floating ferry landings. Full details on www. (See advertisement p.2) STADIA MARINA, Morelos, Mexico E: stadia@stadiamarina. com Stadia Marina is a 100% Mexican enterprise that develops, manufactures and installs floating dock systems in three materials: wood, aluminium and concrete. Systems are specifically tailored to every customer. Seasonal mooring pontoons, Viavélez, Asturias, Spain. Pontoons: Ronautica Marinas STRUCTURMARINE, Quebec, Canada E: Structurmarine’s ‘out of the box design’, advanced marine engineering standards, structural expertise and anchoring methods have significantly contributed to the survival of its marina systems in extreme weather conditions. Its floating pontoon and wave reduction systems are at the forefront of innovation and have been rigorously tested and proven over the years. (See advertisement p.18) SUPERIOR JETTIES, Queensland, Australia E: Superior Jetties manufactures multiple marina system solutions utilising rotomoulded polyethylene, aluminium and/or concrete. Systems can be combined to achieve the most cost effective solution for any site. A range of industrial flotation products and accessories is also offered, as is custom design and project management delivered through the group network internationally. (See advertisement p.54) TOP MARINE, Saue, Estonia E: Top Marine has over 20 years of experience in the manufacture and provision of complete marina solutions. It offers engineering, installation, and a wide range of floating marina products such as HD and timber pontoons, pump-out stations, floating houses, mooring fingers and safety equipment. - September/October 2018 49

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