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2020 November December Marina World

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City of Cannes tender

City of Cannes tender submitted to the following address: Official name: Mairie de Cannes — direction mer et littoral — service juridique maritime Postal address: port Canto-Quai Croisette, boulevard de la Croisette Town: Cannes Postal code: 06400 Country: France Telephone: +33 497064555 E-mail: NUTS code: FRL03 Alpes-Maritimes Internet address(es): Main address: Address of the buyer profile: I.4) Type of the contracting authority Regional or local authority I.5) Main activity General public services Section II: Object II.1) Scope of the procurement II.1.1) Title: Public works and services concession for the modernisation and operation of the Vieux-Port de Cannes Reference number: 02/2020 II.1.2) Main CPV code 63721000 Port and waterway operation services and associated services II.1.3) Type of contract Services II.1.4) Short description: The City of Cannes is launching this notice of concession for works and public services, which aims to modernise and operate the Vieux-Port of Cannes, including financing and carrying out works to extend, renovate, modernise and upgrade the maritime and inland structures of the port, and to finance, design, construct and operate a car park in the current location of the Laubeuf car park. II.1.5) Estimated total value Value excluding VAT: 525 000 000.00 EUR II.1.6) Information about lots II.2) Description II.2.1) Title: II.2.2) Additional CPV code(s) 63721200 Port operation services 71000000 Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services 71322000 Engineering design services for the construction of civil engineering works 45223300 Parking lot construction work II.2.3) Place of performance NUTS code: FRL03 Alpes-Maritimes Main site or place of performance: The Vieux-Port de Cannes and the ‘Laubeuf’ car park on which the dealer will build a car park. II.2.4) Description of the procurement: Located in the historic heart of Cannes, at the foot of the Hill of the Suquet, the Vieux-Port de Cannes is the oldest port of the municipality. Commercial and professional fishing port, the Vieux-Port, with 724 berths, also hosts a large recreational area (traditional pleasure, yachting and super yachting), the largest ` fishing prud’homie des Alpes-Maritimes, several access pontoons dedicated to coastal commercial transport to the islands of Lérins, cruises, a maritime station, a carenage area and a refuelling station. For the municipality of Cannes, the Vieux-Port de Cannes is a major asset for Cannes’s identity, its maritime and nautical purpose, its economic importance and its tourism reality. The expiry of the concession contract in place and the need to initiate a new operating cycle provide a great opportunity for the municipality to put in place a project for the qualitative and coherent development of the site, in terms of both water and land, including, at least, the following projects: — sea works: — water planning of a tourist area dedicated to vessels offering leisure activities, in order to create a dynamic port tourist hub immediately identifiable by local people and visitors; — the development on the water side of an area dedicated to old reservoirs, traditional sailing boats, and ‘traditional’ vessels in order to improve the aesthetic and landscape integration of the Vieux-Port and make it a place for leisure walks; — the development of a dedicated area on the water side, in accordance with the draft mandate, designed to highlight these traditional vessels with a strong historical heritage and to promote the development of an economic sector around their restoration, in connection with the Vieux-Port cartenage area; — the extension of the Albert Edouard Pier South in the form of a wave breaking and chop-breaking pontoon to increase the accommodation capacity while remaining within its current perimeter; — the introduction of an anti-maritime intrusion device to prevent malicious intrusions by sea, in particular at major international events and in the event of a threat to the municipal territory; — creation of natural swimming pools along the spur and the dike known as the “Radisson” accessible to People with Reduced Mobility, intended to enhance the site’s natural surroundings while providing the public with an additional environmentally friendly leisure area; — Terrestrial structures: — the development of the area of the ‘fishers’ area’, in perfect architectural harmony with the project to rehabilitate and embellish the stretches of freedom carried by the municipality. The aim is to restore and embellish the ‘Poussia’ area, reserved for fishing prud’homie for the storage of its equipment, and to create beds for the sale of fish at auction; — the construction of a large car park with a semiterraced work in place of the current ‘Laubeuf’ car park, with a minimum of 500 places, covered by a large public garden, perfectly integrated from an aesthetic and landscape point of view, the height of which cannot be greater than that of the panoramic walkway on the sea pavement wall of the dam, in order to preserve sight of the Estérel and the sea; — the construction of a service centre on the ‘Laubeuf’ area, the total height of which will not exceed the level of the current buildings, intended to accommodate all port management services. It has a surface area of approximately 3 450 m.2

City of Cannes tender II.2.5) Award criteria Concession is awarded on the basis of the criteria stated in the procurement documents II.2.6) Estimated value II.2.7) Duration of the concession Start: 01/01/2022 End: 31/12/2051 II.2.13) Information about European Union funds The procurement is related to a project and/or programme financed by European Union funds: no II.2.14) Additional information Section III: Legal, economic, financial and technical information III.1) Conditions for participation III.1.1) Suitability to pursue the professional activity, including requirements relating to enrolment on professional or trade registers List and brief description of conditions, indication of information and documentation required: Applications deemed inadmissible will be eliminated from this procedure. An application submitted by a candidate who is unable to take part in the procedure pursuant to Articles L. 3123-1 to L. 3123-11, L. 3123-16 and L. 3123-17 of the Public Procurement Code or who does not possess the capacities or abilities required under Article L. 3123-18 of that code is inadmissible. Similarly, candidates who submit an incomplete application or contain false information or documents will not be admitted to participate as a result of the procurement procedure. III.1.2) Economic and financial standing Selection criteria as stated in the procurement documents III.1.3) Technical and professional ability Selection criteria as stated in the procurement documents III.1.5) Information about reserved concessions III.2) Conditions related to the concession III.2.1) Information about a particular profession III.2.2) Concession performance conditions: If the administrative authorisations required for the construction of the above mentioned car park are obtained, the duration of the contract will be 30 years. In the event that such administrative authorisations, for reasons not incumbent on the concession holder, are not obtained and, as a result, the scope of the concession does not include the design, construction and operation of a car park in the current location of the car park on the Laubeuf surface, the duration of the contract will be shortened to 25 years. If, in the presence of the required administrative authorisations, the concession holder fails to carry out the design, construction and operation of the Laubeuf car park, the contract is automatically terminated by the Municipality, without the concessionaire being entitled to claim any compensation for investments made elsewhere under the contract or for loss of profit resulting from that termination. III.2.3) Information about staff responsible for the performance of the concession Obligation to indicate the names and professional qualifications of the staff assigned to performing the concession Section IV: Procedure IV.2) Administrative information IV.2.2) Time limit for submission of applications or receipt of tenders Date: 29/01/2021 Local time: 17:00 IV.2.4) Languages in which tenders or requests to participate may be submitted: French Section VI: Complementary information VI.1) Information about recurrence This is a recurrent procurement: no VI.2) Information about electronic workflows VI.3) Additional information: The Business Consultation File (CED) is made available, free of charge and without restriction, to applicants on the municipal purchasing profile at the following address: or https://www. — Identifier: Cannes City Council. When downloading the CED, applicants must indicate the name of the applicant company, an e-mail address and the name of a correspondent enabling the City Council, where appropriate, to make sure that an electronic correspondence can be made with the economic operator concerned so that it can benefit from all the additional information disseminated during the consultation process, in particular any additives (clarifications, replies, corrections, etc.). Visits to the Vieux-Port will be organised by the municipality until 15.01.2021 (17: 00) by appointment (see conditions in Article 10 of the Consultation Regulation). VI.4) Procedures for review VI.4.1) Review body Official name: Tribunal administratif de Nice Postal address: 18 avenue des Fleurs — CS 61039 Town: Nice Cedex 1 Postal code: 06050 Country: France E-mail: Telephone: +33 489978600 Internet address: VI.4.2) Body responsible for mediation procedures Official name: Tribunal administratif de Nice Postal address: 18 avenue des Fleurs — CS 61039 Town: Nice Cedex 1 Postal code: 06050 Country: France E-mail: Telephone: +33 489978600 Internet address: VI.4.3) Review procedure VI.4.4) Service from which information about the review procedure may be obtained Official name: Tribunal administratif de Nice Postal address: 18 avenue des Fleurs — CS 61039 Town: Nice Cedex 1 Postal code: 06050 Country: France E-mail: Telephone: +33 489978600 Internet address: VI.5) Date of dispatch of this notice: 02/10/2020

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