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2020 November December Marina World

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The magazine from the marina industry

Leading the Industry in

Leading the Industry in Quality, Versatility and Innovation West Coast: San Diego, CA 619.499.2007 Pacific: Oahu, HI 808.237.4504 East Coast: St Petersburg, FL 727.209.7110 For over two decades, Bluewater has been the industry leader in aluminum floating docks, fixed piers, gangways and marina access control gates. Our structurally engineered designs allow for the most versatile configurations and decking options, superior utility accessibility, ease of installation and the lowest maintenance docks on the market. Contact our team today for a customized consultation and quote for your next marina project! Represented in over 40 countries Taking the Green approach to the Blackwater problem Vacuum sewerage systems are ideal for use in marinas and ports of any size. The Flovac system can capture sewage and bilge water from boats and all facilities around the marina complex. No electrical power required at dockside Validates MARPOL certification No risk of water contamination Suitable for boats and docks of any size Discreet, small diameter pipework Ease of installation No odour

PLANNING & DESIGN Special events, like this at the Chedi Hotel, increase visitor levels in the marina village. King Size pontoons of 12 x 3m (39 x 10ft) followed. This included mooring for vessels of 17-20m (56-66ft) on the right/NW side and boats above 13m (43ft) on the left/SE. Similar systems were installed in May 2019. In December 2019, Ingemar turned its attention to installing a floating dock at the quayside. Comprising four King Size modules of 12 x 3m (39 x 10ft) and an access walkway, it starts from a balcony fixed to the quay and rests directly on the dock. All the berths have single and three-phase electricity and full WiFi connection. Green ingredients In keeping with all modern developments, the design of Luštica Bay has placed special emphasis on the environment. Ecologically sound construction methods and the use of new technology reduce energy and water consumption. Public transport, cycle and pedestrian paths are plentiful and the site has the first Tesla charging points in Montenegro. All work at sea was minimally invasive and the stone used to build the breakwaters was excavated during construction of the golf course. All residential areas are surrounded by open, natural space and served by natural pathways. Local materials like stone, clay and wood are being used to build the doors and windows for all buildings, and terracotta roof tiles, characteristic of the region, are used throughout. The golf course has been designed to make the most of the sea views, at every hole from south to north. The course will ultimately be surrounded by a residential village with swimming pools and tennis courts. NEW Dura Deck ® Flip for Marinas Weathered Cedar / Pebble Grey Mahogany / IPE This stunning product takes the colours from our Resist range and combines them into one single decking board profile so you can experiment with two colours in one design, or ‘flip’ your deck at a later date for a whole new look. Tel: +44 (0)1255 440297 Email: 2 COLOURS ON 1 BOARD Larch / Red Cedar Key Features Cfl-s1 Resists Fire Resists Load Resists Fade Resists Stains Resists Expansion Resists Slips – November/December 2020 33

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