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2020 November December Marina World

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ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCTS & INITIATIVES Floating hotel is a new green landmark Slottsholmen, a two-storey hotel in the picturesque town of Västervik, Sweden is now afloat on a custom-engineered pontoon platform. The owners chose the Swedish architectural firm of Sandell Sandberg to design the floating hotel. Knowing that the structure would need a solid foundation that provided unprecedented stability and reliability, contractor 2A Entreprenad enlisted SF Marina to deliver the concrete pontoon as the building’s foundation. have been embedded to provide room for utility service. The Slottsholmen platform was built at SF Marina’s Wallhamn factory in Sweden and transported by ship to an assembly site. Once the hotel was built on top of it and a weather window opened up, the completed structure was towed to its final location and moored. The entire process, from order to assembly, took less than a year. “After Salt & Sill in Bohuslän, Sweden, Slottsholmen is our second floating hotel,” said SF CEO Michael Sigvardsson. “With a low profile and minimal interference from water flow, the SF Marina concrete pontoons provide a solid, stable platform for this exceptionally distinctive hotel. We’re very proud to be part of such a unique project.” Slottsholmen is many things. It’s a floating hotel with 33 superior rooms and ten suites. A restaurant turns local produce into fabulous cuisine. Its spa is inspired by ancient Roman bath rituals. And the marina in the middle of town is but a stone’s throw away from the archipelago. It’s geothermally heated, electrified by solar cells and all water comes from its own desalination plant. Slottsholmen is truly striving to be a landmark for sustainability. Stable mooring for rubbish collector Saint Julien’s Bay in Malta has installed a new Hazelett Marine anchoring system for its solar-powered Seabin floating rubbish collector. The unit removes thousands of kilograms of floating debris every year. The non-elastic mooring originally used to secure the Seabin was unable to accommodate water level change with storm surges and larger waves, causing the platform to destabilise and disrupting its ability to hold rubbish between collections. The bin also required a mooring system that would not damage the marine habitat below and not require a large length of chain for catenary effect. Hazelett elastic mooring was installed to introduce constant, even tension, reducing motion caused by larger waves and water level changes during storm conditions. The rodes maintain constant tension above the seabed. Measuring 22m (72ft) wide x 63m (207ft) long, the floating platform consists of eight SF1880 22m (72ft) pontoons. Custom reinforcements accommodate the pressure points produced by the building’s mass. Each pontoon has an expanded polystyrene core for exceptional buoyancy and is practically maintenance-free. Conduits 44 – November/December 2020

Reliable Power When You Need It. Packed with the features you need, Eaton power pedestals and distribution equipment are the most innovative in the industry. They provide electrical power wherever you need it and are fl exible enough to adjust to your specifi c requirements. Marinas all over North America depend on Eaton to deliver electrical power. You can, too. We offer all our customers a complimentary marina electrical design service. Eaton Marina Power & Lighting TM 1-800-723-8009 | © 2019 Eaton Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

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