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2020 November December Marina World

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INNOVATION QUALITY COMMITMENT Full line of hydraulic boat handling equipment Yard, self-propelled, and highway models Open frame design to maximize flexibility and efficiency Kropf Industrial also supplies mobile boat lifts, as well as steel or HDPE pipe floating docks, and steel floating breakwaters. 888.480.3777 Are your float drums certified by an accredited testing agency? They should be. Ask for Ace Floats by name! Tested and Certified by IMANNA Laboratory Inc. Falling Dart Impact Test 7-Day Hunt Water Absorption Test Encasement Wall Thickness Standard And More! IMANNA Certified For over 25 years, Den Hartog Industries in Hospers, Iowa has elevated the quality of foam-filled float drums, setting the industry standards and is a leader in the marine industry on quality, durability and longevity. Visit for a variety of product sizes, specifications with bouyancy and technical information.

Compact clean-up cat Conceived and created by entrepreneur and lifelong boater Dave Nickelson, the Skimmit trash boat catamaran is an easy, compact and economical way to collect and remove floating debris in hard-to-reach locations. The open space between the hulls is utilised to collect rubbish and lift it off the water into a receptacle with an integrated hydraulic lift basket. ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCTS & INITIATIVES Skimmit makes light work of clearing waterspace with a tunnel draw system that utilises a strong 9.9hp motor to create an intake current in the water. It sucks debris into the area between the hulls as it motors over the water. Now in full production at Rost Marine in Minnesota, USA the patented catamaran has a collection tunnel capacity of 2yd³ (1.5m³) and a screen/bucket capacity in excess of 1yd³ (0.8m³). The vessel is 17ft (5m) long x 7ft 6in (2m) beam. Self-contained, trailerable and designed for singleperson operation, Skimmit benefits from a selfunloading screen bucket and high thrust motor for slow speed manoeuvrability. It is manufactured from durable heavy grade marine aluminium and has dual anchor spuds for stationery rubbish collection in water depths up to 12 feet (3.6m). Optional add-ons include a bimini for rain and sun protection; an electric bowthruster; all-electric power for quiet, green operation; a floating bin with 4yd³ (3m³) capacity; and a dual axle trailer for on-road hauling. – November/December 2020 49

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