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2022 May June Marina world

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SPONSORED FEATURE: CAPRIA Capria stacker cranes can rack bigger boats at higher levels than most forklifts. SPONSORED FEATURE: CAPRIA Semi-automation boosts drystack profits Weekends and beautiful weather mean one thing for drystack marina staff: the non-stop movement of boats. With Capria semi-automated machinery, vessels can go from rack to water in less than three minutes, a fraction of the time you would expect, and with a reduced potential for accidents. Ideal for new construction or retrofitting into an existing drystack building, the Capria solution comprises top- and bottom-running cranes which work in tandem with either a front, lateral or rotary launcher. The optimal ratio is one crane and two launchers per 250-300 boats, moving up to 30 boats per hour. Highly efficient and configurable, a launcher model will accommodate virtually any waterfront scenario, including extremely narrow channels. Why Capria? Capria offers reliability, experience and friendly customer service. A familyowned company that has worked in the steel industry for over 50 years, Capria is not only rooted in the Machinery is electric, odour-free and virtually silent. design, development and installation of highly specialist drystack machinery but is rooted in a location that is big on drystack. Its modern factory facility in Garin in the north of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, is on the doorstep of a boating hub that relies heavily on rack-and-stack operations. All-round savings Clean, green and money-saving, Capria machinery enables the operator to rack bigger boats at higher levels than most forklifts, meaning more boats can be stored in a building without increasing its footprint. This better use of space is of serious financial benefit to marina owners and is compounded by the fact that, unlike forklifts that rely on a level, paved surface, the Capria system doesn’t require a costly constructed floor. The lower initial capital expenditure is only part of the financial lens. With reduced insurance premiums, less system and facility maintenance and fewer personnel needed, overall marina operating expenses decrease. Once the greater number of boats that can be stored is factored in, profitability soars – and continues annually as every Capria system will last for over 30 years. There are also undeniable benefits for the environment. Ahead of its time in terms of sustainability, eco-friendly Capria machinery is electric, odour-free and virtually silent. Safe and versatile The top-running cranes utilise an overhead gantry, and bottom-running cranes run on rails set just outside the racks. With both, the operator is at forklevel in an anti-fall cabin so there’s little chance of bumping a boat or pulling it off centre. A major difference between most 16 – May/June 2022

forklift-based launching and a Capria launcher is its negative lift. The Capria solution is virtually unlimited in its scope and can accommodate extreme tidal fluctuations and steep embankments. The launcher framework slides over rails that can be configured to match the site’s angle and reach requirements. As primary waterfront property becomes increasingly expensive and scarce, savvy drystack owners are looking to adjoining canals and other narrow waterways for new business locations. A lateral launcher option is ideal for this scenario as it lowers the boat into the water parallel to the shore. With sufficient depth and a nearby turning basin, the vessel can even be longer than the width of the waterway. Sites with steep embankments or high seawalls are also drystack options if a rotary launcher is employed – even if there are extreme tidal fluctuations. Rotary launchers are unique in being able to move a boat up and over obstructions in a large arcing motion. A drystack building can thus be located right at the water’s edge and overhang the launcher, which means it can be Crane and launcher options are available to suit a wide variety of sites, including those with steep embankments and extreme tidal fluctuations. SPONSORED FEATURE: CAPRIA See us on the Gold Coast! By the end of the year, Capria fully electric stacker cranes and launchers will be transporting no fewer than 8,000 boats to and from the water. Director, Andrés Capria, confirms this remarkable achievement: “With the installation of four additional stacker cranes and four launchers for the latest projects, we are proud to reach a new record in moving boats this way,” he says. Andrés will be attending the upcoming Marinas22 conference and exhibition on the Australian Gold Coast, along with colleagues Greg Butchart and Alister Copley from Butchart Marine Services. Sydney-based Butchart Marine Services offers high quality and innovative solutions for boat lifting, transportation and storage at marina and yard facilities across Australia, New Zealand and Asia. It represents quality, market-leading international brands that are reliable, durable, compact and user-friendly, and designed to help owner/operators increase revenue. The brands include: Roodberg bigger and/or make better use of limited land space. Vessels up to 32ft (10m) long and weighing five tons are loaded bow-first onto a rotary launcher. Once settled on the cradle, an electric motor drives a very large gear that moves the vessel into the water. When the area between the storage shed and the waterfront has to remain open to traffic, the rotary launcher can move boats up and over a pedestrian corridor. The launching crane can also be located on a second storey of the structure, adding to its ability to overcome the limitations of a seemingly unusable location. Quality that counts Capria cranes are CEmarked and manufactured to ISO 9001 standards. They can be built to accommodate vessels up to 43ft (13m) in length weighing ten tons, and Andrés Capria Greg Butchart (mobile boat hoists, hydraulic trailers, boat transporters and cranes); Brownell Boat Stands; Capria electric drystack machinery; and Multi-Mover electric tugs. Butchart works closely with each individual client to provide the most practical and economic solution tailored to each specific environment. Come and talk to the team at Marinas22 on booth 3-4. in-house engineers and technicians always work to deliver the most sustainable customised systems. Nearly 7,500 drystack slips are currently serviced by Capria precision machinery, improving profits for drystack owners and enhancing customer service for boat owners. CAPRIA online videos CAPRIA Stacker Machinery The solution for your boat dry storage facility. Tifon Baigorria Experience - How does CAPRIA Stacker Machinery work? Tifon Tigre Project Status Phase I - CAPRIA Machinery SPONSORED FEATURE: CAPRIA – May/June 2022 17

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