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2022 May June Marina world

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The magazine for the marina industry


PRODUCTS, SERVICES & PEOPLE Left: The Marina Master team enjoys a day out sailing. Below: Accessing the Advanced Food & Beverage module via touch screen. Added value software features for ever-changing industry Innovative knowledge, flexibility in providing solutions, and worldwide experience are important elements when adapting marina management software to the new real world opportunities and challenges now faced by marinas and yards. Requirements to work remotely, establish and/or automate marina processes, welcome customers and encourage their loyalty are just some of the considerations Marina Master has taken into account when adapting its existing system. For 2022, the company introduces the following new modules to further benefit existing and future clients: Advanced Food & Beverage Built-in touch screen support provides a sophisticated and complete tool for catering services in any marina or boatyard that manages a restaurant, café, bar or food truck. Orders can be placed and invoiced to account or paid immediately at the register by the patron. The system is set up to be utilised with touch screen monitors, giving staff the ability to simply navigate the system. Payment Terminal integration The terminal integration enables marinas to process payments through a Merchant Warrior Terminal in real time. This integration means that there is no need for marina staff to enter the amount that is due to be paid as the terminal is linked directly to the Marina Master system and will pull the amount payable from the payment screen. Once the payment has been processed, the invoice will be automatically marked as paid with the correct payment type and the receipt printed or emailed directly to the customer. This integration is set to remove the need for manual processing and any potential mistakes. Purchase Order This module works in conjunction with Marina Master’s existing POS and work order modules. It allows staff to send purchase orders direct to suppliers, track open or pending orders, note stock received and mark the order as ready to be paid or closed, all from the one system. An export out to the main finance software is also available to help track costs and expenses directly. Advanced Loyalty The latest enhancement enables marinas to retain customers by introducing an intuitive loyalty system. Marina businesses can set their own loyalty programme with multiple tier levels and customised rewards. Customers are rewarded for their transient and/or seasonal stays and can receive in-store perks for purchasing items from the marina store. Customer retention can be enhanced by offering fuel discounts to customers reaching certain loyalty tiers. Ocean Havens in Boston, MA, USA has worked with the Marina Master development team to integrate its loyalty programme features according to its specific needs. “Marina Master’s loyalty software integration has been a very seamless process. The Marina Master team incorporated the many features for discounts and perks across the board by each membership tier for transient dockage, merchandise, fuel services, etc. This is the first season of the Ocean Havens’ automated loyalty programme and it has been well received by our customers. Working with the team at Marina Master has been a very positive experience,” said Ocean Havens principals, Chuck and Ann Lagasse. Marina Master’s latest modules will be on show at Marinas22 (booth 23), Australia; IBEX 2022, USA; and METS 2022, the Netherlands 48 – May/June 2022

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