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2023 November December Marina World

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VISIT US AT METS! BOOTH 05.726 Cascais, PORTUGAL +351 214 692 024 If it’s on water Barcelona, SPAIN +34 933 601 101 Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL +55 21 3942 8828 Vigo, SPAIN +34 986 906 770

WATERFRONT DEVELOPMENTS Atakoy Mega Yacht Marina has 232 berths and is able to moor vessels up to 100m (330ft). It is the only marina in Turkey to have been built specifically for the superyacht sector. On the job training and exercises are constantly being implemented for all staff, and these processes are regularly documented.” Atakoy has manned security as well as CCTV systems monitored on a 24/7 basis. “Our security management plan has yielded very good results over the past years. Additionally, the availability of the Coast Guard and Sea Police departments within the marina itself provides additional security for our premises.” As well as being rich in terms of facilities, Ertem believes Atakoy’s location gives it an important edge. Not only is it at the heart of Istanbul, one of the great architectural and cultural cities in the world, but it’s close to a perfect airport. “The biggest advantage of Atakoy Marina is its vicinity to Ataturk Airport, which used to serve as the main international airport of Istanbul until the opening of New Istanbul Airport,” he says. “At the moment, Ataturk Airport has been redesigned to serve as a VIP terminal, mostly for business jets. This creates a great strength for the future development of our premises in terms of providing a luxury service especially for superyachts.” He also thinks positively about the local competition. “We have competition nearby but all establishments have satisfactory occupancy as well as their own paths of business. I see it as a potential for synergy rather than competition. Each marina has its own strengths and weaknesses. Our major strength is that we have the biggest megayacht berthing options in the region.” Ertem has spent over 20 years working in the marina industry and spent 13 of these years in Croatia where he had extensive opportunities for networking with the superyacht industry’s key European and global players. He worked as the regional director and general manager for Marina Mandalina in Sibenik for six and a half years and is bringing all of this experience to his new role. “By using this huge network, I am trying to contribute to the growth of our business and I can confidently say that our business with increasing megayacht traffic in the last ten months seems promising and sustainable.” Marina Mandalina is, of course, an award-winning superyacht facility. How do Mandalina and Atakoy compare? “Client expectations, service standards and sufficiency of facilities stand out as similarities,” Ertem notes. “The main difference I feel between the two is that Atakoy Mega Yacht Marina is located in the heart of one of the biggest and most well known metropolises in the world. Istanbul has a huge marketing effect and is a well deserved brand by itself. Sibenik is a relatively small city with great nature, great people and archipelago. Atakoy Mega Yacht Marina is much bigger than Marina Mandalina in size and capacity. However, both marinas represent a great asset value as being amongst the limited amount of such well organised facilities.” “The biggest weakness I see for Atakoy is its distance from the major cruising destinations. However, this turns out to be a strength as we have a huge hinterland of shipyards around Istanbul with impeccable know-how, technical utilities, service quality and cost efficiency. Istanbul is considered a preferred destination among superyachts en route to the Black Sea. I am confident that our yacht traffic will increase more as soon as the war between Ukraine and Russia ends.” Artun Ertem believes the challenges for Atakoy and for the industry in general relate to a very big picture. “Global instability is the biggest challenge, not only for Atakoy but for the entire global business cycle. It may become more devastating than the pandemic unless preliminary precautions are taken by the UN immediately. The war between Russia and Ukraine must come to an end as well as the war in the Middle East. We can only be happy and enjoy running our businesses under peaceful conditions. Wars only pump out hatred and animosity, and we don’t want people to die.” “Our industry has been hit strongly by these developments. The superyacht industry and yachting market in general have never experienced such turbulence before. Our situation reflects hope in despair, but we tend to stay on the hopeful side.” – November/December 2023 21

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