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2023 November December Marina World

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Leading the Industry in Quality, Versatility and Innovation Specialists in the design, fabrication and installation of customized aluminum and timber floating dock systems, fixed piers and gangways for marina projects worldwide. From project design and management to manufacturing, installation and maintenance, Bluewater Marine competes globally with fabrication facilities in Hawaii, California and North Carolina. Contact our team today for a consultation and quote on your next project! West Coast: San Diego, CA - 619 449 2007

ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCTS & INITIATIVES need sustenance, i.e. hydrocarbon (petrol, diesel, mineral oil, etc.) and oxygen, which we add with an air pump. When they reach the water and come into contact with oxygen, they’re activated and start to act,” Abbruzzese explains. Daniel Marí, manager of Marina Ibiza, is closely monitoring the results of the small microorganisms as they’re an incredible natural solution to a problem with a huge environmental impact. The new system has been installed at a specific point in Marina Ibiza where, due to its proximity to the fuel station and also due to the easterly Levant wind, spills and dirt tend to build up. However, there are challenges because it’s a semi-open space, with movement of yachts and water currents. The microorganisms begin to work as The Marina Ibiza team is closely monitoring the results of the Bio-Box installation. soon as they’re released into the sea by generating a natural foam, which is a sign that they’re active, and any patches gradually start to fade away, leaving the water crystal-clear and without an oily surface. “There’s a widespread belief in the yachting industry that the right thing to do in the event of a spill is to throw a popular washingup liquid into the water because it has a dispersing effect, but this product is harmful to marine flora and fauna, and has a longlasting effect on the marine environment,” Abbruzzese notes, emphasising that these bacteria are a 100% organic bioremediation solution in the event of accidents, with results that can be seen straight away. “The collaboration of Marina Ibiza in this project has been vital, as it has provided the place, the staff, and the technical and financial resources for the development of Bio-Box. On behalf of La Alternativa Eco, we’ve been responsible for the design and construction of the first bioremediation box that is energyautonomous thanks to the installed solar panel. We’re very grateful and happy with this first step towards a more sustainable yachting industry,” says Abbruzzese’s business partner Diego de la Viña. – November/December 2023 51

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