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Jan Feb 2015 Marina World

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MARKETING celebrate its

MARKETING celebrate its 20 th year, has recently incorporated a successful support system for the over 80 participants, connecting each with a local business. These mini sponsors are then invited to join in with the race preparation’s social events and the ensuing community that builds up around the fleet ensures that the regatta is recognised and endorsed by host port localities. Calero Marinas’ annual open day, inspired by following criteria set out in the Blue Flag Campaign’s environmental management guidelines, coincides with World Environment Day and World Oceans Day. Last year’s event included information panels, presentations and an artistic installation on the subject of marine plastic pollution, an important topic for experts at the island’s Biosphere Reserve office. Buoyed by the cause, the group was then inspired to work with a visiting expedition yacht engaged in plastic pollution studies to connect with local educational groups – all of which consequently became an attractive news item for the local press. The other side of the open day focuses on introducing newcomers to the sea and so the event is run with local watersports schools. People who had never tried sailing were delighted to give it a go and take the opportunity to enjoy special rates - and schools managed to attract new clients. A spectacular and informative safety and rescue demonstration was also provided, creating plenty to offer people of all ages. The wider marina community, however, is its own source of inspiration. One of the most rewarding aspects of working in the marina industry has to be the palpable sense of cooperation and camaraderie prevalent within both individual sites and wider international networks. TransEurope Marinas for example, is now a 25 year old association based on little more than what was originally a desire to help mostly small family-run marinas hold their ground against the impending threat of larger more commercial chains. The group has expanded to now include over 65 marinas in eight different countries and still retains an attractive informality whilst offering an effective network solution to cruisers looking to sail within Europe. Beyond increased visitor revenue and providing a valuable promotional platform, benefits for marina members derive from knowledge sharing, where marina managers openly support each other with advice and suggestions gleaned from individual experience. Working alone and with very limited budgets, individual marinas achieve spectacular results, many now organising sailing skills and boat safety workshops, open days or successful charity events. On a more basic but no less effective level, a number of the members engage with local stakeholders to promote typical gastronomy at a reduced cost to visiting sailors; a most welcome introduction to a new destination. Assuming any of these activities inevitably requires allocating extra time and resources, the cost of which can be hard to justify in terms of short-term economic growth. This is sometimes Marina Lanzarote becomes an ideal concert venue. Photo: where a strong and dedicated team, motivated by locally shared concerns (charitable causes, environmental issues, or simply an overriding desire to go out racing) can dictate whether the event will sink or swim! An event can meet myriad immediate objectives nonetheless; berth holders welcome an enhanced social programme in their marina or the chance to learn or practise skills offered by experts; tenants and other stakeholders profit from the publicity generated by the event and an attractive platform to showcase their product or service, and visitors enjoy the chance of a different family day out and an appealing introduction to an exciting new lifestyle. Relationships are strengthened in the interest of pursuing shared goals and the marina enjoys great visibility within its chosen sphere and, as a consequence, ideally boosts visitor numbers. To return to Jimmy Cornell’s Atlantic Odyssey and the popular cruising seminars, his decision to offer the free talks and discussions was inspired by his own positive experience: “As a passionate sailor who has had the good fortune to spend most of the last 40 years roaming the oceans of the world, I feel that I have a duty to give something back to the international cruising community. With the same aim in mind, before the start of the Atlantic Odyssey in November 2014, I decided to hold a week of seminars covering essential aspects of long distance sailing, including practical demonstrations and offering opportunities for social interaction with other sailors planning a transatlantic voyage. Rather than limit attendance only to our own participants, it was agreed to invite any sailors who may be in Lanzarote to join the seminars.” The resoundingly successful response was such that in Marina Lanzarote, a new facility having been launched officially only two weeks previously, the cruising seminar week opened its doors to pontoons filled with international sailing visitors; the seminars featuring even greater numbers of non-rally cruisers than rally participants. Melanie Symes is sales and marketing director for Calero Marinas Group, Spain. 38 - January/February 2015

17 - 19 NOVEMBER 2015 AMSTERDAM RAI THE WORLD’S LARGEST MARINE EQUIPMENT TRADE SHOW TRADE The Marina & Yard Pavilion at METS is the hotspot for the global marina industry TRADE TRADE Marinas & yards at METS Dedicated to the global market of marinas and associated yards, the Marina & Yard Pavilion (MYP) at METS plays host to marina owners, operators, developers and suppliers from around the world. It is a hotspot for the global marina industry at METS, which is itself the largest – and only global – trade exhibition for the marine leisure industry. METS Pavilions METS features three pavilions. Each offers a smaller selfcontained show within the larger METS context and features its own concepts, look and programme. The METS trade exhibition is one of the components of METSTRADE, the world’s leading platform for professionals in the marine equipment industry. This global business platform and community focuses on innovation, market developments, on-site networking and knowledge events. PARTNER MEMBER OF OFFICIAL MAGAZINE SYP OFFICIAL MAGAZINE MYP OFFICIAL MAGAZINE ORGANISED BY

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