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January February 2019 Marina World

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MARKET UPDATE: FAR EASTERN RUSSIA Several new marinas are under construction in Vladivostok. including several marinas, on a 5ha (12.3acre) site. On 25 th September, the authorities signed an agreement with a group of investors who decided to pump Rub3 billion (US million) into projects under this programme. The precise details about the new marinas are yet to be revealed but, according to some information, they may be designed for a total of 800 berths. Another 400-berth marina is already under construction on the western coast of Vladivostok near Stormy Cape. The investor AquaStroi reported that construction was scheduled to be completed in 2019. Earlier this year, the local authorities also announced plans to build the International Centre for Water Sports, with a 700-berth marina, in Fedorov Bay. All in all, these projects would double the number of berths in Vladivostok. According to the State Inspectorate for Small Vessels there were 20 marinas officially operating in the city as of early 2018, with up to 150 berths each, or roughly 2,500 in total. All the new marinas in Vladivostok are promised to be “world class” facilities. “For the past two decades, Primorsk Krai [part of the Far East where Vladivostok is located] has grown in terms of the number of marinas and their technical conditions. But the picture is still far from perfect. In general, there are not enough berths in the city or on the outskirts. There are a lot of boats and yachts available and people want to buy them, but basically they don’t have any idea where to keep them afterwards,” commented Ilya Ermakov, marina director at Seven Feet Yacht Club. It is very important that the local government is participating in new projects because previously it was really hard for potential investors to build a marina due to numerous bureaucratic obstacles. “It is very expensive to build a marina,” Ermakov continued. “In general, the construction of a good yacht club would cost billions of rubles. The payback period on this kind of project [in Vladivostok] would be close to 30 years and such long-term investments are not very welcome here. In addition, there are still problems with legislation and rights for water use.” According to Ermakov, there were times when the local authorities could issue all permissions necessary for investors to build a marina in the city but some things must now be agreed with the federal government agencies. This makes the entire procedure rather complicated. For this reason, Ermakov stressed, only one marina has been built in the city in many years. Neighbour cities keep up Vladivostok is the biggest city in the Russian Far East and is the best location for travelling by yacht to neighbouring countries so it comes as no surprise that it is believed to be the best place to build a marina. However, some marinas are also planned in other cities of the region. Viktor Hodyurev, chairman of the Russian Sailing Sport Federation, said that a new marina was planned for the city of Nakhodka, 180km (112mi) northeast of Vladivostok. “The City Mayor has supported the proposal to build the new marina and promised to make sure that the 5ha [12.3acre] of land chosen [by the investors] would be prepared without restriction, and to make all relevant adjustments to legislation so that this territory could be used to establish sporting infrastructure,” Hodyurev explained. Although Nakhodka has been hosting different yachting sport competitions for many years there are no modern marinas in the city. All berths are concentrated in old yacht clubs. There are investors who have expressed readiness to participate in the project, Hodyurev stressed. The new facility, reportedly designed for 80 berths, could be built within a year and the project could be recognised as having federal importance. “If the marina is built as scheduled then the Russian national sailing team will be able to use the new sports field to train for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo,” Hodyurev confirmed. A new marina has, meanwhile, recently been completed in the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The investment cost of the project implemented by the Kamchatka Krai Development Corporation is Rub2.7 billion (US million) and the facility is designed for 150 berths. Nikolay Pegin, general director of the corporation, said that all berths were sold out before the construction was finished. He estimated that there are 5,614 boats and yachts registered in the city, plus a few thousand in satellite cities. All these and some other projects have one thing in common – they are all supported by local government agencies. The local yachtsmen and investors believe that this is something that has never been seen before and this was the main reason why the local marina industry has been lacking any noticeable development. The rising interest of regional officials in yachting tourism raises strong optimism for the future of marinas in the Russian Far East. - January/February 2019 53

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