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PUMP-OUT Adam Cove Helping you choose the best option Today’s boat owners are insistent on clean waters. One piece of the puzzle to becoming a greener and more profitable marina is having an available pumpout system for moving the “effluent of the affluent.” Adam Cove gives advice on available systems A pump-out system moves waste from a holding tank on a boat to a holding tank or sewer/septic system on land. Waste is moved by a self-priming pumping system that creates vacuum on the inlet side of the pump and pressure on the discharge side. The best pump-out systems are simple and efficient – meaning they are user-friendly, easy to maintain and simple to solve. Each system can be divided into three primary elements: the configuration, the pump and the plumbing. Each is equally important in achieving a successful system. Configuration options For top efficiency, the pump should be located as close to the pumping location as possible. There are four basic configuration options: Single location pump-out In this configuration, all boats needing a pump-out must go to one fixed location for service. The station can be located near other amenities or separated altogether. Pros: One area to monitor or attend. Simple to maintain and troubleshoot. Cons: Boats must travel to the station. Cost: Low to moderate. Ideal for: All marinas. Multiple pump-out locations with a single pump This system is the ultimate in convenience for marina slip customers. A networked plumbing system means that every boat could be pumped out from its own slip. Flush mount hydrants can keep the system hidden until it is ready for use. Pros: Very convenient for customers. Cons: More expensive installation. Troubleshooting can take more time. Despite all of the networked pump-out locations, only one pump-out can occur at a time. Cost: Moderate to expensive. Ideal for: Larger marinas. Pump-out boat A self-contained system is incorporated into a floating and manoeuvrable service platform that provides convenience for all in-water customers. Pros: Ultimate in mobility on the water. Convenient for customers in slips and on moorings. Cons: Operator required. The boat must empty its tank at a shore side station when full. Cost: Moderate to expensive. Ideal for: All marinas. Pump-out cart or caddy This system utilises a mobile platform that can be pulled through a boatyard, or wide and stable docks or piers. Pros: Ultimate in mobility on land. Convenient for customers in dry storage. Very little infrastructure needed. Cons: Operator required. Limited use on docks. The cart must empty its tank at a shoreside station. Cost: Low to moderate. Ideal for: All marinas with onshore pump-out needs. Choose your pump Each of the pump-out system configurations requires a pump to power them. Innovative solutions provide various options for marinaspecific needs: Diaphragm pump A diaphragm pump is preferable for low-head dockside installations and portable systems. Its simple operation makes it easy to maintain. Pros: Rugged and self-serviceable, with moderate capacity. Able to run dry. Cons: Unable to handle high suction and discharge heads. Cost: Low. Double-diaphragm pump This pump fills a key gap between the single diaphragm and peristaltic pumps. It provides a powerful suction lift, while remaining simple to maintain and being Rotary lobe pump. - July/August 2015 23

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