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March April 2019 Marina World

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SERVING MARINAS SINCE 1963 Electric service pedestals Water service pedestals Emergency service pedestals Lightning Pre-payment systems Smart metering Electrical distribution in every RAL-colour possible +31 (0)75 6810 610 Martini Marinas floating pontoons. The best, from all points of the compass. SWITZERLAND CROATIA GREECE NETHERLANDS/BELGIUM ROMANIA T. +41 91 9945545 T. +385 01 6530040 T. +30 23 10692899 T. +31 6 46140603 T. +40 341 482664 Martini Alfredo S.p.A. Via Centro Industriale Europeo, 43 P.O. Box 30 - 22078 Turate (CO) - Italy Tel +39 02 963941

BOAT SHARE CONCEPTS Fun - aboard a Suntex club boat. Boating Services has enjoyed a successful alliance with Suntex Marinas for several years. The Suntex Boat Club offering is a key element of the company’s business and is offered as a way to introduce people to boating. Welcome OnBoard Boating Services Network, a new division for global powerboat manufacturer Brunswick Corporation, launched OnBoard Boating Club and Rentals last October. The new platform offers partners access to a diverse fleet of leading boat brands especially Bayliner and Princecraft models; affordable financing for boat fleet purchases; easy-to-use software for boating club and rental operations; and a range of tools and best practices to help build a successful operation. “We’ve launched OnBoard at a great time. We can take advantage of the strong and growing interest in boating lifestyle experiences while participating in sharing-economy trends,” commented Cecil Cohn, vice president Boating Services Network. “We believe that by offering the best value and experience, we can grow and cultivate interest as a gateway to boat ownership across a broader cross section of consumers. We have the opportunity to attract a new generation of boaters and provide them with a positive, exceptional experience on the water.” The launch of OnBoard follows the very successful alliance between Boating Services and Suntex Marinas over the past few years. “Our success with Suntex is rooted in a common objective to grow boating participation and ownership while providing exceptional consumer experiences. We are currently supporting Suntex in the operation of multiple boating clubs and rental locations. OnBoard will build upon this valuable experience as we scale our efforts moving forward,” said Bijoy Jha, Boating Services Network vice president of business development and finance. Described as a ‘revenue share’ rather than a franchise, OnBoard aims to complement traditional marina operations whilst offering an additional revenue stream. “It can multiply revenue per slip by five to ten times and increases the overall value of a marina,” said Jha at the official launch presentation at the International Marina & Yard Conference (IMBC) in Fort Lauderdale in mid-January. “It attracts a new generation of boaters and drives new boaters to your business.” This latter point is significant; Brunswick vehemently shrugs off the notion that boat clubs deter boat buyers. The instrumental goal is to find new boaters. “Over the last decade there have been one million fewer first time boaters versus the previous decade,” Cohn noted, adding “one of our primary goals at Boating Services Network is to introduce an array of initiatives to bring more boaters into our industry and contribute to the growth and success of our marine partners. OnBoard Boating Club and Rentals is an exciting start that we believe can grow and scale quickly, and we will continue to seek solutions and services to set the standard for exceptional boating experiences.” The most comprehensive Marina, Boatyard & Shipyard Management Software Pacsoft’s fully featured software can automate nearly all functions, simplify business life and streamline operations. - March/April 2019 27

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