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March April 2019 Marina World

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ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCTS & INITIATIVES Marina di Cervia has been selected as a key monitoring site for the new Life15 Marina Plan Plus project. Sustainable management of the seabed New technology for sustainable management of the seabed is now being tested at Marina Cervia in Ravenna, Italy as the Life15 Marina Plan Plus project. Developed by the University of Bologna, it has also been pilot tested at different smaller sites. Donatella Zucca reports Devised in 2016 but only ready to be fully implemented this year, the Life15 project is funded by the European Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises (EASME) in the ‘water’ sector. Its goal in this first major project is to improve access to the port entrance in Cervia by maintaining the depth of the seabed at an optimal level for boats without impacting on activities at the piers or adversely affecting the environment. Some background is important. About 140 million tonnes of dredged material drifts along European coasts every year, harming aquatic flora and fauna and creating an imbalance in the life of the seabed. The Marina Plan Plus project technology aims to prevent this continuously shifting sediment from building up in any one site thus preventing the need for dredging, guarding against depletion of nourishment for sand, aerating water and preventing damaging mud from diffusing into the marine ecosystem. Invented by the university’s Department of Industrial Engineering in collaboration with Plant Engineering Srl of Bologna, the technology utilises an open jet pump, called an ejector, that is fixed on the seabed. Its diameter depends on the type of sediment encountered in any specific area. It has a converging section (instead of a diffuser) whose suction is determined by a fluid jet that, by creating an exchange between two currents, activates a unique intermediate speed between the primary and secondary flow. The mixture generated has such a low concentration of solid material that it doesn’t produce turbidity or resuspension at any point in its operation. In other words, the ejectors move potential sediment from where build-up would cause an obstacle so that it can naturally be carried elsewhere. The new equipment can replace dredging even in areas where sediment treatment is required as it can be integrated with other technologies e.g. soil washing, wet oxidation or silica extraction. The University of Bologna and Plant Engineering have also worked with other crucial partners: Trevi Spa of the Trevi Group, a specialist in underground engineering and production/design of related machinery; the Cervia (Emilia-Romagna) Municipality; the manager of the tourist port; and the International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA). The mini plant in place at the GAM Shipyard basin on the canal at Cattolica was built and installed by Trevi Spa, together with Working sketches of the Life15 system at Cervia. - March/April 2019 33

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