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March April 2019 Marina World

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ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCTS & INITIATIVES Climate-smart thinking for Baltic harbours A three year EU Interreg project is under way to improve services and environmental management at 32 guest harbours in the Baltic Sea region. Named Smart Marina, it is looking for climate-smart solutions that will help renew facilities, boost market visibility, undertake joint marketing and create a new consistent ‘standard’ for the harbours involved. Project leader Lennart Joelsson, who is managing director of ÅUAB, told Marina World that, after the foreign minister of the Åland Islands suggested a project, a dozen marinas that were thinking to the future, gave swift support. To join forces with Åland (an autonomous region of Finland that comprises around 6,700 islands), partners were found in Sweden, Finland and Estonia. Smart marinas are environmentally friendly marinas and all ports within the project will be aiming for IMCI Blue Star or Blue Flag certification and must register for one or both of these. Many solutions can be considered, including: environmental assessment with clear instructions on waste disposal; solar and wind power; pump-out and sewage/wastewater treatment plants; wave attenuator protection; EV charging points; LED dockside lighting; separate billing for use of electricity and water; refurbished showers and toilets; and improved access for disabled people. Sporting the ‘Smart Marina’ brand will tell boaters that any specific 1. Öregrund Harbor, Östhammar kommun 2. Grisslehamns Marina, Östhammar kommun 3. Fejan, Skärgårdsstiftelsen 4. Rindö Harbor, Östhammar kommun 5. Djurönäset, Östhammar kommun 6. Uvmarö Harbor, Valdemarsviks kommun 7. Fyrudden, Valdemarsviks kommun 8. Burgsviks Harbor, Valdemarsviks kommun 9. Käringsund, Ålands Utvecklings Ab 10. Havsvidden, Ålands Utvecklings Ab 11. Hamnsundet, Ålands Utvecklings Ab 12. Kastelholm, Ålands Utvecklings Ab 13. Vargata, Ålands Utvecklings Ab 14. MSF, Ålands Utvecklings Ab 15. Rödhamn, Ålands Utvecklings Ab 16. Karlby, Ålands Utvecklings Ab guest harbour is part of a network offering good service, and there is plenty of help from lead partners for issues such as security, staff training, booking systems and creation of marina manuals. Interreg will contribute 75% of the cost involved for renewals at each marina, up to €200,000 per harbour. For the future, project leaders are thinking about Smart Marina Plus, with gold, silver and standard levels. This involves adding landside activities and facilities, and further boosting the market reach of the community of Baltic harbours. 17. Glada Laxen, Ålands Utvecklings Ab 18. Kumlinge, Ålands Utvecklings Ab 19. Seglinge, Ålands Utvecklings Ab 20. Jurmo, Ålands Utvecklings Ab 21. Gullvivan, Ålands Utvecklings Ab, Åland 22. Skärgårdscentrum Korpoström, Novia 23. Kirjais Marina, Novia 24. Brännskär, Novia 25. Stenskärs Stugor, Novia 26. Farmors Café, Novia 27. Lillbacka Gård, Novia 28. Baggö Marina, Novia 29. Kärdla Harbor, Hiiu Vald 30. Roograhu, Hiiu Vald 31. Orjaku, Hiiu Vald 32. Soela, Hiiu Vald Mussels, olives and squid Camper & Nicholsons’ Cesme Marina in Turkey is undertaking yet another environmental protection initiative by taking part in Izmir Metropolitan Municipality’s ‘Squid Project’. A response to the threat to squid posed by pollution and irregular hunting methods, the project aims to deliver a further 1.5 million squid in and around Izmir and Cesme, and to continue the generation of squid for at least another year. In readiness for 2019, Cesme Marina staff members prepared two squid nests and commissioned a diver to position them in the marina. The nests will be monitored after three months when it is anticipated that the squid will have used the prepared nests to lay down their eggs. The initiative helps to encourage aquatic life in the marina and promote the growth of squid populations in the sea. Squid usually spawn in groups, and females release up to 11 pounds of eggs. Squid have a lifespan of three to five years. The Squid Project at Cesme follows the marina’s adoption of The Olive Oil Project and The Mussel Project. The former works to sustain the olive trees around the marina and provides guests with a quality olive oil product. The project gained the marina international recognition at the House of Commons in London and at the Green Awards in Antalya, Turkey. For The Mussel Project, the Cesme team planted several beds within the marina and monitored how well they were naturally cleansing the water. Can Akaltan, general manager at Cesme Marina, comments: “Cesme Marina is committed to creating a better aquatic environment. With the support from our customers, and staff at the marina, plus the exceptional efforts in creating eco-friendly initiatives at Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, we are delighted to support the projects and further the Cesme Marina ecological identity at being in the forefront of helping fight aquatic pollution!” - March/April 2019 41

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