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March April 2019 Marina World

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Kropf Kropf Industrial

Kropf Kropf Industrial Kropf also Industrial also manufactures supplies also supplies a full line a full line Conolift of hydraulic of hydraulic boat boat trailers, boat as trailers, and well as well as mobile steel boat tube hoists steel floating tube with dock floating capacities systems dock systems and and from floating 3 Kropf – 100 breakwaters. floating Industrial tons. breakwaters. also manufactures Conolift hydraulic boat trailers and mobile boat hoists with capacities from 3 – 100 tons. 888.480.3777 888.480.3777 888.480.3777 888.480.3777 1 12-90 ton @

PRODUCTS, SERVICES & PEOPLE Boosting Tornado capacity Golden Boat Lifts has added 24,000 (10,886) and 32,000lb (14,515kg) capacities to its freestanding, solar-powered hydraulic Tornado boat lift product. Highly adaptable, and now suitable for yachts in the 40-45ft (12-14m) range, the Tornado is ideal in locations without piles or seawalls or where seasonal removal is preferred. The Tornado has, furthermore, been designed to be easily reconfigured if a different boat is purchased. This is due to its exclusive patent-pending Multi Bunk system. With up to 6ft (1.8m) of lift, it provides optimal, cushioned support without marring paint or gelcoat whether it’s a deep-V, stepped hull, pontoon, catamaran or sailboat. Manufactured in the USA with an eye to longevity, the lift’s hydraulic cylinders are double epoxy coated with a final coating of poly urea, and its patentpending ‘Air Bellows’ surround and protect the shafts. Only marine grade RecCom Working Groups to advise on AIS data use and electric boats BELGIUM: The Recreational Navigation Commission (RecCom) of PIANC is setting up two new working groups: one to provide guidelines for marina design to accommodate electric boats and another to provide recommendations for the use of AIS data for recreational navigation studies. “We want to continue the PIANC tradition of providing both technical reference documents for planning and design and a source of early guidance on new industry trends,” said RecCom chairman Esteban Biondi. “The topic on AIS data was triggered by fast growing uses in recent years,” he continued. “Through our consulting work we have been exploring this tool for assessing superyacht navigation patterns for some time, such as the shift of superyacht Caribbean visitation due to Hurricane Maria.” Biondi also mentioned the paper presented last year in the PIANC Congress, where his research documented that 80% of yachts over 30m (98ft) had active transponders while crossing the Panama Canal, by comparing AIS data with official records of crossings during a three-month test period. A comprehensive study on large yacht traffic patterns in the Mediterranean was also completed welded aluminium and stainless steel are used, and moving elements, such as pivot pins, are overbuilt for reliable operation. Using the lift is as simple as steering recently by the European Committee for Professional Yachting confirmed RecCom member, Laurent Monsaingeon. The study used 21 million AIS positions of yachts over 20m (66ft) in the Mediterranean over three years (2015-2017) from Marinetraffic (a commercial provider of AIS data). Results identified the frequency of marinas, shipyards and anchorages and showed that hundreds of thousands of hours per year were spent in each destination, identifying popular areas and documenting evolving visitor trends. Another innovative use of AIS data is the recently announced six-month cruising permit for foreign-flagged vessels in the UAE, which requires AIS transponders to be operational at all times. Alternative propulsion technologies are relatively new in mainstream recreational navigation applications. However, the growth of commercially the vessel between the available heavyduty guide poles with cushion bumpers. The boat is lifted and lowered quickly and easily using a long range remote control and optional LED lighting can be installed to assist with night manoeuvres. As Tornado is solar powered, no secondary electrical contractor is required for installation. The 12V DC pump is housed in a lockable glass fibre box. The lift has been engineered to be removed from the water so as to suit boat owners in areas that ice-over in winter. A unique retrieval system, which includes floats and wheels, makes hauling easy and trouble-free. E: available full-electric and plug-in hybrid boats and yachts is accelerating rapidly. “Marinas will need to adapt to serve these new types of vessels,” said Roberto Perocchio, representative of ICOMIA-IMG in RecCom. “This is another example of the marina industry supporting the sustainable growth of recreational boating and all its related services and industrial economic activities,” he added. “RecCom is organising a special programme within the Marina & Yard Pavilion at Metstrade 2019, including an open forum to solicit input from the marina and boat manufacturing industry for this new working group,” Biondi revealed. PIANC Working Groups are created to produce a technical report, and members comprise representatives proposed by PIANC National Sections and invited experts. E: - March/April 2019 45

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