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May Jun 2015 Marina World

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MARINA CLASSIFICATION all yacht harbours. Special attention has been given to user safety and environmental protection. The aim of this international standard is to provide yacht harbour operators with a practical tool to: • Promote health, safety and respect for the environment. • Ensure the compliance with applicable laws. • Help the development of the yacht harbour industry, surrounding spaces and communities by sharing global practices. • Provide nautical tourists with harmonised information and services across yacht harbours and give them a broad choice of offers regardless of their location. ISO 14001 revised If your marina is one of the approximately 286,000 global companies that already has, or is considering implementing the environmental standard ISO 14001, then you will probably be aware that it is being revised in preparation for a re-launch scheduled for the middle of 2015. When published, ISO14001: 2015 will have a revised structure and some ‘common text’ that will be used for all management systems standards. The common text will include the following: Strategic Environmental Management – There is an increased prominence of environmental management within the organisation’s strategic planning processes. A new requirement to understand the organisation’s context has been incorporated to identify and leverage environmentally related organisational risks, including opportunities, for the benefit of both the organisation and the environment. Leadership – To ensure the success of the system, a new clause has been added that assigns specific responsibilities for those in leadership roles to promote environmental management within the organisation. Generally, there will be new expectations for top management to understand the organisation’s environmental issues, support the EMS and champion improved performance. Great value is placed on quality standards at Porto Montenegro. The marina has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and is a five Gold Anchor marina. Protecting the environment – The expectation on organisations has been expanded to commit to proactive initiatives to protect the environment consistent with the context of the organisation. This is a fundamental revision of the ISO 14001 standard, with a much wider implication for organisations than the previous review undertaken in 2004. Some businesses are already planning to meet the new ISO 14001:2015 requirements although those with ISO 1400:2004 will have a ‘phase-in’ period after the publication of the revised ISO to fully implement the new changes. The timeframe has yet to be decided. With regard to environmental compliance the revised standard proposes that businesses will need to demonstrate an understanding of their environmental compliance status at all times. ISO 9001 updated The original ISO 9001 was very much designed for production industries and the changes being proposed for this year aim to redress this situation by making it more readily applicable to service industries as well. The revised standard will have an emphasis on riskbased thinking and achieving value for the organisations and their customers. Customers remain the primary focus of the revisions. A new common format has been developed so that companies implementing multiple management Marina di Varazze is an IMCI Blue Star marina. - May/June 2015 37

MARINA CLASSIFICATION systems covering quality, environmental and information security will be able to achieve better integration and easier implementation. In February the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) approved a three-year transition period for companies to bring themselves up to the new 9001:2015 certification standards. The three-year period starts on the publication date of the new standard and once the transition period ends, 9001:2008 certifications will no longer be valid. Health and Safety changes too Many marinas have adopted health and safety management policies in line with OHSAS18001. In October 2013, a project committee met to create the first working draft of a new standard, ISO 45001. The team is using OHSAS 18001 – the internationally recognised and adopted British Standard for Occupational Health and Safety – as the blueprint. The draft International Standard was published for consultation in the fourth quarter of 2014, with the An MIA five Gold Anchor award was recently received by Wuxi Taihu Shanshui Club & Marina, one of the first marinas in China to be recognised in this way. final draft expected this year. ISO 45001 is due for publication in late 2016. The standard will also be aligned with ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management). There are currently 50 countries and international organisations, including the International Labour Organisation, involved in this work. The new standard is expected in October 2016. ISO 45001 will support new areas of management systems to ensure better compatibility and systems governance, making implementation a lot smoother. Ralf Heron is a founding partner and CEO of Homeport Corporation. He has significant experience in the international marina business in Europe, the USA and Middle East. He is the author of two books on marina management, the most recent being The Marina- your guide to certification and classification. In addition, he has also written books on quality management. 132x182_Marina World_DEC2014.indd 1 19/12/2014 08:43 - May/June 2015 39

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