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May Jun 2015 Marina World

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The magazine for the marina industry

Marinetek is a company

Marinetek is a company of passion, commitment and hard work. Best engineering, high quality and responsibility are the core values of Marinetek operations. Today we have over 2 000 top marina references in more than 40 countries; track record that is a testimony to our knowhow. With ever increasing world class references, new solutions and an impressive array of associated products and services.

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The 2015 US annual subscription price is 0. Airfreight and mailing in the USA by agent named Air Business Ltd, c/o Worldnet Shipping Inc., 156-15 146 th Avenue, 2 nd Floor, Jamaica, NY 11434, USA. Periodicals postage paid in Jamaica NY 11431. US Postmaster: Please send address changes to MARINA WORLD, Air Business Ltd, c/o Worldnet Shipping, Inc., 156-15, 146 th Avenue, 2 nd Floor, Jamaica, NY 11434, USA. Subscription records are maintained at Loud & Clear Publishing Ltd, 3 Brownlow Road, Redhill, Surrey RH1 6AW, UK. Air Business acts as Loud & Clear Publishing’s mailing agent. Marina World is available on subscription at the following cost: 1 year (6 issues) - £80.00 Sterling (0) 2 years (12 issues) - £140.00 Sterling (0) No part of this publication may be reproduced without the prior permission of Loud & Clear Publishing Ltd, the copyright owners. Upon application, permission may be freely granted to copy abstracts of articles on condition that a full reference to the source is given. Printed in the UK by Stephens & George © 2015 Loud & Clear Publishing Ltd Views expressed by individual contributors in this issue are not necessarily those of Loud & Clear Publishing Ltd. Equally, the inclusion of advertisements in this magazine does not constitute endorsement of the companies, products and services concerned by Loud & Clear Publishing Ltd. The publisher reserves the right to refuse advertising. Uplift in the Middle East FROM THE EDITOR The 23rd Dubai International Boat Show in early March boasted over 430 boats and 800 exhibitors, and welcomed around 26,000 local and overseas visitors. The event ended on a positive note with significant numbers of boat sales – large and small – reported. The Associated Middle East Boating Conference, which focused on marina development and intelligent yacht design, hailed 2015 as the year of innovation for the UAE in terms of new waterfront developments and investment in waterside living and tourism. Nawfal Al Jourani, director of communications at the Dubai Maritime City Authority, predicted that such investment will continue to drive demand for a leisure marine lifestyle especially in the small to medium size boat market. Work on several developments in the UAE, including marina expansion projects, is under way. Examples include the 3km Dubai Canal project, expected to be completed in the next two years, which offers extensive restaurants, hotels, public spaces and boat jetties, and the Deira Island project at the Palm Deira. This features a creek marina for large yachts and marina facilities alongside residences. Marina designer and architect, Emmanuel Delarue, of NDA Group, China (a leading speaker at the conference) agreed that there is tremendous opportunity for growth. “Dubai has a long standing boating tradition and the region is really embracing its passion for yachting and watersports,” he said. “With millions of people flocking to enjoy the UAE’s waterfront lifestyle, and a high number of high net worth individuals looking to spend millions on superyachts, by investing in marinas with real lifestyle and expanding existing waterways, the region will continue to develop as one of the world’s most desirable destinations for tourism and outdoor living.” Dubai-based consultant and marina management company Mourjan Marinas also recognises a new phase of growth. According to research it conducted across 23 marinas covering 4,289 berths in the UAE, Qatar and Oman, berthing rates have increased on average by three to five per cent in recent years. This is positive news for the region in general although Oman receives less uplift as its berthing rates are between five and ten per cent lower than elsewhere (a reflection of the lower cost of living enjoyed by Omanis and residents). On average, a 10m berth in the Middle East is currently rated at US,100 and a 15m berth at US,500. Most significant perhaps is that, despite upturn, we are seeing greater caution when it comes to new projects. Mourjan Marinas general manager, Wayne Shepherd, approves the “pragmatic and phased approach” to marina development that is emerging. He urges developers to engage consultants with regional experience in the pre-evaluation phase to ensure that integration and long term sustainability win through. A policy of building to meet ‘actual’ as opposed to ‘perceived’ market demand will surely better benefit the market in the longer term. Carol Fulford Editor - May/June 2015 5

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