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ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT 3. Capture, contain and haul away service. 4. Closed loop boat wash water recycling system where the wash water is collected from the wash pad and pumped through a process to clean and re-use the water for more washing. The water is never released to surface water. Capturing and hauling away wash water will require a large above ground storage tank with capacity in the region of 2,000 to 5,000 gallons. Pick up and hauling should be undertaken by a licensed waste hauling company and waste taken to a waste water facility. Discharging the wasted wash water to a municipal sanitary sewer may be an option. Sewer authorities have their own standards and fees and typically will require testing and pre-treatment, especially when toxic metal solids (lead, copper, zinc) from ablative paints are present. Closed loop boat wash water recycling systems capture and re-use reclaimed water after each boat is washed on an impervious wash pad designed to collect the water in a sump and send it to the recycling system near the wash pad area. Some common systems use a variety of water treatment including filtration, electrocoagulation, chemical treatment and flocculation. Over the last 20 years, progressive marinas have been trying the above EMP-AquaClean wash pad under construction (above) and a completed installation (below). alternatives. The capture and haul away option sometimes being the least technically ominous makes it an easy and safe choice. Interestingly, different sources - including various state websites on boat washing - report that the use of closed loop systems is on an upward trend. In most cases, systems meet the NPDES requirements if used properly and for want of a better description keep the operator “off the grid” when compared to any discharge methods or hauling. The NPDES permit and sanitary sewer permit options for boat washing require more agency cooperation and overseeing and appear to be either less attractive or simply not reported upon. Collection methods for haul away or recycling require an impervious wash pad, sump and pump and some other vessel or tank apparatus to collect the wash wastewater. In a closed loop system the sump pump transfers the used wash water to the treatment system to remove contaminants from the water, then stores or recirculates the treated and clean water for reuse for more boat washes. The wash pad configuration or design is a very important part of a collection system but even more critical when used with a recycle system. A good wash pad and good practices will enable the used water to flow into a trough in the centre or side of the pad but keep large solids like seaweed, algae, barnacle pieces and leaves from getting near the sump pump and into the reclaim/ recycle system. Large debris going into the recycling system will decrease efficiency and increase maintenance. The wash pad should also be designed to keep the spent wash water from flowing off the pad and into the surface water. Each method of collection and disposal or reuse has its unique pros and cons in terms of cost. Typically, contain and haul away costs US,000 more or less for an average tank and hauling costs US0 per trip, plus 0.30 to US per gallon for proper disposal. Closed loop systems can cost between US,000 and US,000 depending on water volume and treatment requirements. Wash water for heavier washing with ablative paint chips and dust and biological growth costs more to treat as a rule than water used for hard bottom boats stored in a high and dry and washed regularly. Reclaim systems will have some periodic maintenance and some associated consumable materials costs. If boat washing is a regular and frequent guest service and a revenue source, you may be a good candidate for a closed loop system. If boat washing is incidental and you are uncertain whether you really need a system, permit or haul away service may be good enough. Along with new boat wash practices, operators should consider implementing stormwater related best management practices as part of marina management. Tom Callahan, president of Florida-based EMP Industries, Inc., has been providing, installing and designing boat wash systems and pads since 1997. He can be contacted by email: - May/June 2015 47

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