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May June 2019 Marina World

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Automate Your Marina’s Success with ASAR & Safe Harbour Dry Stacks Redefining the future marina, ASAR maximizes marina revenue by liberating leasable cubic space by an average of at least 30%-50%, while Safe Harbour’s all concrete dry stack facility withstands 175+ MPH winds. To the marina owner and operator, an exponentially better ROI; to the boater, an unparalleled, secure, rack-to-water vessel delivery experience. Copyright: LTW Intralogistics Gulf Star Marina, featured above, is located in Fort Myers, Florida, and will be the first in the world to include our fully-automated rack-to-water vessel delivery system. CALL 1.239.334.8800 OR VISIT ASAR-MARINE.COM TO GET STARTED! 16121 Lee Road, Fort Myers, FL 33912| MARINA AUTOMATION | MARINA CONSTRUCTION

DRYSTACK STORAGE First private French network sets pace for wet and dry berths Port Adhoc, developer and manager of the first privately owned network of drystack marinas in France, is looking to expand into other European countries. Donatella Zucca reports Encouraged by the lack of wellorganised drystack facilities and perhaps attracted by the challenge of setting this to rights, Port Adhoc set out in 2004 to build, manage and establish a network. The first site was Port Paimpol in Brittany and the second, Port Soubise in the Charante Maritime, which also has pontoon and swing moorings. These were followed by Port Leucate on the Mediterranean coast (near the Parc Naturel Régional de la Narbonnaise) and Bayonne-Anglet in Occitania. Two further marinas – Port Médoc and Port Barcarès – and the multi-service Port Napoléon were subsequently developed to complete the current portfolio. Each caters primarily for motor boats, and utilises steel racks and waiting pontoons to give a five-minute boat-to-water turnaround for customers. Port Adhoc buys in equipment to build its drystacks. “We are administrators, investors and implementers,” explains general manager Stéphane Audoynaud. “We buy materials from different manufacturers, such as racks from Provost. Other materials come from the Lyle region and most trolleys and lifts from Italy. We choose the best product for each job.” “Building drystacks in France,” Port Paimpol offers extensive drystack for boats up to 9m (29ft). Stéphane Audoynaud (left) Port Adhoc general manager and president Gilles Tersis Audoynaud says, “is in many respects, including environmental, simpler and easier than building wet berth marinas. But it is still very slow and complex. Once the technical and environmental issues have been resolved, the process of obtaining the authorisation is neither fast nor easy but better than for a wet marina as I believe is the case everywhere. It helps that we are not talking about as many square meters for a dry port in comparison to a wet marina where construction costs are also higher and payback slower.” After the trials of establishing a facility, Port Adhoc drystack operation is smooth. “The customer takes out an annual subscription and can have - May/June 2019 41

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