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May June 2019 Marina World

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DRYSTACK STORAGE With an emphasis on yard facilities, Port Barcarès is an extensive 1,800 berth marina near Perpignan. his boat put in the water as many times as he likes. We are also studying and developing additional services dedicated to the boat owner and to boat handling.” Much is owed to established practice in the USA. “There are not many differences between our structures and those used in the US. But Americans were the first to invent drystack and put it to use so they are very experienced especially with regard to operation and preparation of the boats. Our system is very similar but Americans also often have restaurants and other services at the drystack and this is an area we want and need to develop.” Updating systems As a manager of over 5,000 wet and dry slips, Port Adhoc has a unique insight, and broad ambitions to expand customer offerings and extend the impact of marinas beyond that of just boating infrastructure. New technology is at the forefront. Port Adhoc, in association with eeSmart, has developed Ecoborne, an ‘eco-pedestal’ for the management of dockside water and electricity that is accessible by smartphone via a dedicated app. This will be tested at Port Médoc and Port Napoléon with a view to being rolled out to all sites. Internal software, the first step towards a digital transformation to cover all marinas, is also under test at Port Napoléon. This will enhance administrative, commercial and management techniques. A new digital system to connect boaters with marinas is also in the offing. “This concept does not exist in France today,” says Port Adhoc president Gilles Tersis. “In general, marina services stopped developing here in the 1980s.” The system will boost communications at Port Napoléon, where around 50% of customers come from outside of France. They use the drystack as a permanent year-round base from which to explore the surrounding canals and sometimes travel as far as the Mediterranean. There is also change to infrastructure and maintenance. “Next year we will have a catamaran dock at Port Napoléon as catamarans are on the increase in the Med,” Audoynaud reveals. “There will be mobile structures to remove them from the water and keep them dry. The dock would allow us to accommodate most of the French Mediterranean fleet for wintering and maintenance.” The company is also focusing on the introduction of a multi-service barge, which redistributes water sediments. It can work around any kind of infrastructure and is transportable by road. On land and sea Managing land and water and a mix of boats in harmony is vital, but the company also seeks to make each port a driving force for tourism development and environmental benefit. Port Adhoc is a board member of Médoc Atlantique – dedicated to developing tourism in the Médoc – and also plays an important role in the management of Port Barcarès Marina, located at the gateway to the Catalan Pyrenees, and is a member of the SEMOP (Société d’Economie Mixte à Opération Unique) steering committee for the urban regeneration project ILA Catala. “We decided to open up the project to boats as we want to protect the ecosystem via marinas,” Tersis explains. “The environmental dimension is essential in order to gain acceptance for a project but so far as we are concerned this is not something forced; it is part of our spirit. We develop the concept around any marina or boating related operation. The marina is becoming more and more a tourist destination and with the introduction of complementary activities we would like to ensure that it is not only enjoyed by boat users.” The ILA Catala project is supported by the Barcarès municipality, NGE & Vinci Construction France and ADIM Occitanie groups. MAP has been Port Napoléon is a multi-service marina with full facilities for sail and motor vessels. 42 - May/June 2019

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