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May June 2019 Marina World

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DRYSTACK STORAGE Up for significant expansion, Port Médoc on the River Gironde has good service facilities. involved in the urban planning and architecture. Originally a municipal marina with 1,820 berths and 84% occupancy, it is now the subject of a €72 million expansion, adding 10ha (24.7 acres) of net surface area and 350 extra berths on 30-year leases. Port Adhoc is rising to the challenge of developing a new type of marina, to meet the needs of boaters now and in the future, and encourage experiences and nautical activities that are at one with the environment. The key is to strengthen the connection between the marina and its surroundings. This is not always an easy task due to varied infrastructure and different legal regimes, and the need to speak with public authorities and local residents. Structured for the future Vision, determination and strong financial backing are on the company’s side as it works towards its “mediumterm goal” to expand further in France, then in Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and northern Europe. Audoynaud says that two European projects will materialise soon. As a corporate structure, Port Adhoc comprises largely financial operators, such as NexStage, Nexicap and ESFIN Gestion via private equity or investment funds. Gilles Tersis is a partner of Phillimore Investissement and Stéphane Audoynaud has worked in the private equity fund business in New York and Paris. “In principle, we do things in the same way as other companies but we are a structured group with solid financial foundations,” says Audoynaud. “This enables us to offer greater stability and better quality services.” The network marinas Port Paimpol is in the maritime area of Kerpalud, near the city centre of Paimpol. Located in the heart of a sailing basin, it accommodates boats up to 9m (29ft) on racks. Port Soubise is a mixed port on the River Charente near La Rochelle, just 5nm from the Atlantic. Facilities include a 2ha (5 acre) boatyard, 100-slot drystack for motor boats and 150 dry berths on steel structures for sailboats. In 2010, a wet marina with 32 swing moorings and 30 berths was added. Port Leucate has 320 drystack slots for boats up to 9m (29ft). It enjoys a beautiful location between the Pyrenees and Châine des Corbières, the Mediterranean and the lagoon adjacent to the Parc Naturel Régional de la Narbonnaise. It is favoured by sportsmen and as a seaside resort. Port Bayonne Anglet has 500 drystack slots for boats up to 10m (33ft) and is located in a protected area on the River Adour about a mile from the Atlantic. It boasts a Wiggins forklift, which can launch and retrieve boats irrespective of the state of the tide and to negative lifts of 8m (26ft). Port Médoc on the River Gironde is a base for boaters heading as far as Bordeaux and via canals to the Mediterranean. It has 950 berths and is due to expand to 1,500. It has a dry dock area, fuel station, pier with boat lift and commercial spaces. Built and financed by NGE, it was passed across to Port Adhoc, which has the concession until 2055. Port Barcarès, a marina that Port Adhoc operates under a SEMOP for the ILA Catala development project, is located in Barcarès near Perpignan. It accommodates 1,800 boats up to 18m (59ft) and has reception services, a technical area for boats up to 25 tons and a dry dock. Port Napoléon, the Mediterranean reference multi-service marina, is located between the Camargue natural park and Marseille Calanques. It has technical and service centres, storage facilities and can handle boats up to 40m (131ft). Berthing is available for more than 1,300 motor boats, sailboats and catamarans up to 30m (98ft) via 1,000 dry stand spaces, 215 wet berths and 100 slots in a hangar and alongside a pier. From 2020, it will have a basin for catamarans with a wintering and maintenance area. 44 - May/June 2019

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