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May June 2019 Marina World

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Sustainable mooring

Sustainable mooring technology in your product lineup. Thank you to our partners, you know us. You know Seae, the elastic mooring solution for all your oating applications. The environmental system that can stretch up to twice its original length, ordered at the eact length your water level variations require. You know that it does not only provide dampening by stretching, but that it also provides stability by retracting, keeping your oating application in its lateral position even at low water. The world leader in mooring technology FLOATING HOTEL ROOM Pemba Island, Tanzania Seaes invisible from the surface, working in silence day after day, year after year. It replaces the need for view obstructing piles and rusting chain. Suitable at practically any location, mooring literally any oating application, ranging from marinas to oating solar parks and beyond. Technology Value Quality Environment You know that your clients do not need to worry about pile drivers, piling permits, or eensive freight costs. You do not need a crew to winch the cables, or waste time inspecting every chain link for rust. You know the benets of minimal hardware and sustainable materials speccally made to last in a marine environment. You know that Seae can be used at your shallow locations, but also that it becomes even more price competitive in deeper water. You know our product line; what units are suitable for your smaller residential needs, all the way to the large heavy-duty units used to secure large oating structures in storm prone areas. Since we review your projects free of charge, you’re ing a Seae option for every project without being out money for engineering. You know that many clients already know what they want, they do their research and they know Seae. They are looking for the most modern material combinations, sold by the most knowledgeable industry leaders. We love what we do, and we appreciate our partners. Together we can replace outdated methods by ing innovative sustainable solutions to our clients. We are the winning team, together we can make an environmental dince! SEAFLEX AB Stöcksjö Kustväg 77, SE-90580 Umeå, Sweden P +46 90 160650 F +46 90 160651 SEAFLEX, INC 16902 Bolsa Chica St., #204, Huntington Beach, CA 92649, USA P (310) 548 9100 F (321) 406 0612 WAYANAD, INDIA water level variation this monsoon season.

Investor chosen for Alimos GREECE: Aktor Concessions SA, a subsidiary of the international holding group Ellaktor, has been declared the preferred investor to develop Alimos Marina. In an e-auction procedure that was a first for the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF), Aktor Concessions bid €57.5 million for the 40-year concession. The value of the total agreement (over the life of the concession) will be at least €177 million when annual fees and revenue sharing is factored in. Over the next five years, the concessionaire will invest €50 million in modernising the marina with a view to making it a top tourist port destination. In addition to upgrading all marina infrastructure, 18,500m² (199,132ft²) of building is planned. The aim is to create a recreational centre that includes green spaces, promenades, leisure and dining areas, shops, hotel facilities, offices, playgrounds etc. The file of the tender process has WORLD NEWS been submitted to the Court of Audit for pre-contractual review. Alimos Marina, one of the largest in Greece with around 1,000 berths, is located to the south west of Athens, 15km (9mi) from the city centre. Service slips available at Florida marina centre USA: Port 32 Fort Lauderdale has now opened as a service destination with in-water service slips for yachts up to 150ft (46m). The property also features the only fuel dock on the New River. Located just west of I-95 across from Lauderdale Marine Center and Marina Mile Yachting Center, the facility is part of a multi-phase development project that is planned to offer wide-ranging facilities and the largest drystack in Broward County. A self-service boatyard, currently under construction, should open by the end of the summer and will feature a 150 ton Marine Travelift able to handle vessels up to 120ft (36.5m) in length. Upon completion, Port 32 Fort Lauderdale will offer commercial spaces for marine service contractors and vendors, boat sales and storage. The drystack will accommodate vessels of 25 to 55ft (8 to 17m) and offer concierge services and a captain/crew lounge, WiFi, laundry and shower facilities. Port 32 managing principal, Joe Miller, commented: “Fort Lauderdale is obviously the boating capital of the US. We saw acquisition and redevelopment of this large and strategically located site as a means to serve both the yacht market from a service viewpoint, and the expanding centre console market from both a storage and service perspective.” “We are seeing rapid growth in the average size of centre consoles and our goal is to build a large drystack which will accommodate today and tomorrow’s boats,” he continued. “We plan for our customers to have access to a ‘marine village’ of commercial vendors and trades who can satisfy every boating-related need on-site. Our project is inland and thus protected, and our I-95 location makes it easy to access our facility for everyone in Broward County and beyond.” As Marina World went to press in early May, Port 32 director of operations, Bruce Wallace, confirmed that the company hoped to start on upland demolition of old buildings in around “60 days”, and that upland construction was due to start in early autumn this year. CGI shows phase 1 of upland development and in-water service slips at Port 32 Fort Lauderdale. - May/June 2019 9

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