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Nov Dec 2015 Marina World

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MARINA & YARD PAVILION 171819 NOVEMBER 2015 RAI AMSTERDAM THE NETHERLANDS THE CENTRAL PLATFORM FOR THE GLOBAL MARINA & YARD INDUSTRY MEET THE WORLD IN AMSTERDAM Dedicated to the global market of marinas and associated yards, the Marina & Yard Pavilion (MYP) plays host to marina owners, operators, developers and suppliers from around the world. It also features an impressive line-up of speakers and the global marina networking gathering of the year, the Waterfront Drinks on the Wednesday. During this event we will officially launch the ICOMIA World Marinas Conference 2016, which will take place in Amsterdam and be hosted by the MYP. Taking place as part of the world’s largest marine equipment trade show The Marina & Yard Pavilion is an event of METSTRADE, the world’s leading platform for professionals in the marine equipment industry and organiser of the ICOMIA World Marinas Conference. POWERED BY MEMBER OF OFFICIAL MAGAZINE SYP OFFICIAL MAGAZINE MYP OFFICIAL MAGAZINE ORGANISED BY

DRYSTACK Alex Parés Racking up success for nautical leisure Time and money are keeping young people away from nautical leisure pursuits. Marinas are also facing increasingly strong pressure from regulators to become more integrated with society, and public facilities are being asked to bring in higher revenues. Using the Spanish market as a sounding board, Alex Parés explores how boat charter and drystack can help. In Spain and elsewhere there are conflicting boating trends. On one hand, boat charter is rising significantly and, on the other hand, there is a disturbing withdrawal from sailing by part of the young generation. The average age of boat owners is increasing. Partly because of these factors, current demand has shifted from 6-8m (19.6- 26ft) moorings to ones of greater length. Installing berths for longer boats meets the needs of today but could curb entry-level boat ownership in the future. Charter and club choices For many boaters, charter is a more rational use of boats. The economic crisis encouraged owners who only used their boats sporadically to opt for renting as a more sensible alternative. In Spain in 2014, charter boat registrations rose by 62.68% compared to 2013. The last season was particularly positive, with average growth of 116% over the previous year. Boat clubs provide another avenue. By paying an annual membership fee and a monthly fee, the member has access to a fleet of boats. This simple concept (which is widely developed in the USA and other countries) does not exist in the Mediterranean. Attracting the young generation is crucial and the problem involves more than just economics. If current leisure patterns are analysed, we find that there is a need for activities to be more accessible, abundant and diverse. Competition to fill free time has increased enormously and an activity that takes time away from enjoyment loses in the competition. The trend thus dictates a move away from boat ownership, which is time consuming in terms of maintenance and damage prevention and includes worry factor, towards charter and club boating. Port pressure In addition to pressure from environmentalists, society is making new demands regarding public concessions, especially if these relate to public land of interest, e.g. waterfronts. Demands include: greater accessibility; a higher capacity for development and creation of employment; better integration between the marina and its local environment; and economic sustainability. Various administrations are responding to the new social requirements. Port authorities are taking new measures and establishing strict codes of sustainability and respect for the environment; town councils – Above and below: Tifón Water Planet Baigorria in Rosario, Argentina, handles 900 boats. A major extension to accommodate a further 2,000 boats is in progress. - November/December 2015 19

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