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Nov Dec 2015 Marina World

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Southport Yacht Club,

Southport Yacht Club, Gold Coast QLD This is Waterscape by Superior - a world first award winning floating system available to enhance commercial waterfront options. For enquiries please call +61 7 5594 8200 or visit

DRYSTACK The MFLX at work in the all-new Boathouse Marina in Fremantle, Western Australia. Fremantle drystack buys first-of-class FLX The Boathouse Marina in Fremantle near Perth is the first fully undercover, enclosed drystack in Western Australia. In order to stack vessels up to 34 feet (10.36m) in length, reduce aisle width and maximise manoeuvrability, the operators ordered an all-new Wiggins Marina FLX (MFLX) machine. The MFLX will typically handle vessels weighing 16,000lb (7,257kg) at a 14ft (4.26m) load centre and can lift vessels up to 19ft (5.79m) wide. It is sophisticated, heavy-duty, stable and weighs in at 81,000lb (36,741kg) but when it side-steps down the aisles and swings around a corner, it moves like a dancer. The concept of the new machine owes all to the proven lifting mechanism of a conventional marina truck. The lifting mechanism (mast) is mounted on a traverse carriage that moves the length of the machine. When at a seawall, the mast is in the forward position to retrieve the boat. It then traverses to the back of the machine. This distributes the weight evenly over the four tyres and allows for the smallest aisle width possible – boat length plus 12 feet (3.65m). When at the drystack, the mast moves forward to position the boat on the rack but the operator, A generous footprint makes the MFLX sufficiently stable for transportation and racking of much larger boats. without stopping, can change steering mode from side-step to crab to four-wheel smoothly and efficiently. Four-wheel ‘radius’ steering makes it easy to negotiate corners as it eliminates the large tail swing typically associated with forklifts and makes manoeuvring the machine in tight areas worry-free. There are many other special advantages: The MFLX offers 38ft (11.58m) positive and 12ft (3.65m) negative lift and can lift full capacity to maximum lift height. Its increased footprint provides added stability that allows much larger boats to be stacked on higher racks. This can increase the average boat size of a building or open up the floor space as needed, with the largest boats on the second or third rack. Improved weight distribution reduces tyre loads and is thus ideal for marinas with thinner concrete hardstand or for reducing concrete costs at new facilities. According to Wiggins, concrete cost savings may actually pay for the machine. In many cases, the MFLX can be configured to work on launching piers if a seawall is not available. At The Boathouse Marina, the MFLX is now at work enabling operators to offer swift turn-around. Customers call an hour ahead, drive up to one of the 45 secure parking bays and get ready to board their boat. The marina offers 24 hour Air Key access and has full CCTV security. Contact Wiggins Lift Co in CA, USA on email: MFLX: at a glance • Traversing mast • Four-wheel drive • Independently controlled fourwheel steering • Drive by Wire using Parker IQAN • Safety interlocks to minimise and prevent operator error and keep boat and machine safe • Wiggins patented ‘Stabilift’ system - November/December 2015 25

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